Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 9 points

Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 9 points

Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 9 points

Sen. Bernie Sanders is on track to endorse presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, according to a knowledgeable Democrat. "Sanders has been on record that one of the issues that he and Secretary Clinton were interested in exploring further was how to make health care available to more Americans".

The Governor told reporters in Milwaukee Thursday it included a discussion on how to beat Hillary Clinton.

Sanders has said he will vote for Clinton and that he will work to defeat Trump.

Hillary Clinton has a lead of nine points over her Republican rival Donald Trump with roughly four-in-ten voters saying it is hard to choose between them because neither would make a good United States president, according to a latest survey by a nonpartisan American think tank.

Sanders, a USA senator from Vermont, has resisted endorsing Clinton in a show of party unity since she clinched the Democratic nomination last month.

For the past three weeks, Sanders has been inching closer to endorsing the former secretary of state's candidacy, but has been unwilling to fully back Clinton until the platform is completed.

The senator praised Clinton's announcement of a proposal earlier Wednesday to tackle the rising cost of college tuition and the burden of student loan debt, calling it a "very bold initiative".

Sanders expressed satisfaction with the progress of policy and party platform talks between his campaign and Clinton's, even as some positions on issues such as trade and fracking remain unresolved. The appearance would bring together the two Democratic presidential rivals ahead of the party's summer convention in Philadelphia.

Some Democrats have grown tired of Sanders' apparent reluctance to back Clinton, and a group reportedly booed him during a closed session with the House Democratic caucus Wednesday morning after he wouldn't answer questions about when he would endorse her. In a positive sign for Democratic unity, Sanders said he hoped to find more areas of agreement with Clinton "sooner rather than later".

"What I say to those people who booed, you can boo me all you want", he said.

"My message was a simple message: We have got to fight for the needs of the middle class and working families of this country", he said. That's what our campaign was about.

About the FBI investigating Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders said "we will see what happens".

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