Hints, tips and everything you need to know about Pokemon Go

Save your battery - Pokemon Go uses a huge amount of phone charge, but this can be reduced by selecting the low power mode on your phone and turning off the setting which allows the game to access your camera.

Pokemon GO has not been officially launched in India but several Android and iPhone users have been able play it by either switching to a USA account on Apple store or downloading an APK for Anrdoid.

POKEMON Go has taken the world by storm, with grown adults walking around Burton and South Derbyshire with their faces glued to their phones in search of the elusive Pokemon. Currently Pokemon go is offered in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Australia and New Zealand.

As THR explained, AR games raise legal concerns over trespassing, players stumbling across crime scenes, personal injuries and risks to minors.

For those who don't know or haven't quite read up on the craze, Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game that turns the existing world outside into a colorful cartoon map full of gyms (for training and Pokemon battles), Pokestops (for refilling supplies) and Pokemon themselves, which pop up here and there while you are playing the game. Your character in the game walks and turns the same way you move.

"Pokemon Go" players can join one of three teams and battle over one another's gyms, capturing and defending them with their tame Pokemon. All healing is done with items, items that you either need to get at PokeStops (recommended) or buy. However, there are pokestops that are more special with better gear than others. Can't Pokemon Go have a fun glitch like Missingno?

"We've had a few calls of people playing the game on private property or in enclosed property", Friend said. You have to be careful where you are heading.

It ONLY happens when you successfully captured. You don't want to ruin a friendship over an app.

According to its developers, Pokemon GO is destined to help people with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression.

People from rural areas and other remote areas request for new locations.

In addition to capturing the pokemon, Pokemon Go has also set up virtual places across the country.

Luke George of Naples claimed that downtown was one of the better places to play in Mount Pleasant since people drop lure modules at the Pokestops. Reportedly, A girl searching for a Pokemon ended up finding a dead body.

Wait until you've got Pokemon that are up to the task of taking on the Gym Rats. As a result, they also attract flocks of Pokemon trainers.

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