Hispanic governor sets her own agenda at GOP convention

Once again displaying the temperament that proves him unfit for the White House, Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump tweeted a gloating, undiplomatic FU to the conservatives in the #NeverTrump movement, saying they are "never more". Whatever. The argument posited against unbinding the delegates-that Trump won the delegates, and it would be wrong to throw that away after the fact-was simply the fairer case. "They were never there".

The effort died in the convention's Rules Committee meeting in Cleveland, where '#NeverTrump" forces failed to gain passage that would have stated delegates have the ability to back whichever nominee they choose, a so-called "conscience' cause.

A last-ditch effort by the group to block his nomination as the party's presidential candidate collapsed late Thursday night.

In the end a handful of angry delegates at the Republican National Convention rules committee meeting couldn't undo the will of more than 14 million Republican voters who chose Donald Trump as their party nominee. Manafort said on CNN Friday morning.

Delegate Brian Buescher, an Omaha attorney, says Pence will help strengthen Republican support for Trump, especially among social conservatives.

Martinez was withholding her endorsement of Trump as of Friday even as she leads her state's 24-member delegation to the convention, where - shy of a rebellion and last-minute rule changes - she and the others are obligated by New Mexico's primary election results to cast their first-round ballots for Trump. The pro-gay-rights group managed to get 38 signatures (theoretically ten votes more than is needed to authorize a minority report) on a petition to substitute the short statement (written in part and heavily promoted by the famous Christian-right revisionist historian David Barton) for the entire platform.

The last gasp of the #NeverTrump movement came following a truncated debate and a voice vote against allowing Republican delegates to "follow their conscience".

Thursday's rules hearing nearly immediately went into a recess because of a printer jam, then delayed for hours while parties negotiated on a possible way to avoid a contentious vote.

"It's just the start", Ms Unruh said after the vote.

The panel voted to create a commission that could propose changes to the party's nomination process, which Mr Trump has called "rigged".

RNC chief spokesman Sean Spicer said he would not.

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