Hundreds Gather At 'Black Lives Matter' Protest In New Haven

A crowd that was too large to count - perhaps a thousand people - filled Nashville's Public Square Friday night for a multi-purpose gathering in response to high profile killings by police this week.

The crowd chanted "black lives matter" and "brown lives matter" before Edmonton-Centre NDP MLA David Shepherd took to a stage adorned with photos of the two men killed by police in the talk about his experience growing up as a black man in Edmonton. Some of them had religious affiliations, and others were part of the local Black Lives Matter movement.

"So when people say 'Black Lives Matter, ' that doesn't mean blue lives don't matter - it just means all lives matter, but right now the big concern is the fact that the data shows black folks are more vulnerable to these kinds of incidents". The policing community was also in mourning, remembering five officers killed Thursday in Dallas, Tex., during a protest against police brutality. "We have to", said Cox. "It was an opportunistic terrorist activity is what it was".

Friday night Huntsville Police and the Black Lives Matter movement join forces. "We can't pretend that all we need to do is hold hands and feel better", said Moore.

"We walk in unison with these types of movements because they want what we want".

"We know segments of our society are disproportionately marginalized by institutional structures", said Nav Kaur, a rally organizer. "To have officers ambushed that were there protecting protestors and helping those protestors out, it's a terrible tragedy and it's heartbreaking".

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