In his final moments, Dallas suspect apparently tried scrawling message on wall

The sniper who killed five police officers in Dallas planned larger attacks, probably on law enforcement, the city's police chief said Sunday as he provided new details about how the suspect taunted authorities for two hours during negotiations.

Meanwhile, the White House has announced that President Barack Obama will travel to Dallas on Tuesday to address an interfaith memorial service.

"We continue to provide all available resources and personnel in support of DPD", Mahan said, "to include agents from numerous investigative squads as well as investigative analysts, crisis management specialists, and victim assistance specialists, to name a few". Seven other officers and two civilians were injured.

"Without our actions he would have hurt more officers, Brown said". He was released on bond Sunday.

The police have so far not commented on the media reports that the headquarters was under lockdown.

The calls come as protests shut down main arteries in a number of United States cities last night.

Protesters will not be "allowed to incite hate and violence, to engage in unlawful activities", said Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards.

There were numerous arrests, scuffles and injuries in confrontations between police and demonstrators.

Police used the Remotec, Model F-5 with claw and arm extension and an explosive device of C4 with a "Det" cord.

"We're hurting", Brown said.

"What happened last night and early this morning does a disservice to those who have lost their lives this last week", St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman said.

"This is not about grief, this is not about protest".

Mawuli Davis, an African-American attorney and activist in Atlanta, said the unrest continues because there has been no serious dialogue about issues of race and policing.

Chief Brown said a search of Micah Xavier Johnson's home showed he had practised using explosives, and that other evidence suggested he wanted to use them against law enforcement officers.

Brown said Johnson was shooting on the move - a tactic he studied at a local self-defense school about two years ago, school founder Justin Everman told the Associated Press.

Davis and his associates insist on peaceful protests as a means to an end, and most protests across the US have gone on without a hint of violence.

Johnson, who was apparently wounded in a shootout with police, wrote the letters "RB" and other markings, but the meaning was unclear.

Brown said he stood by his decision but understood why questions have been raised about the use of deadly force against the gunman, rather than opting for a non-lethal method to disable him.

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