Jenner to attend LGBT event during GOP convention

Utah Sen. Mike Lee

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Rogue GOP delegates, including Grant Moody of San Antonio, are calling for a rule change before the convention delegates start voting. The others are Brad Carver, Rayna Casey, Jill Chambers, David Baker, Trey Kelly, Jeff Kunkes, Debbie Moscato and Charlie Wingo, all of Buckhead.

Joyce Haas, a Centre County resident and vice chairwoman of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, has been appointed to represent the state on the Republican National Convention's rules committee. Both parties have included support of a two-state solution in their party platforms for more than a decade, however, in an effort to reflect USA policy and keep Israel a seemingly nonpartisan issue.

We respectfully request that you please reject the Solomon Yue amendment proposal and support a rule for 2016 that would reaffirm the right of delegates to vote their conscience during balloting at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland as you select the party's nominee for president of the United States to take on Hillary Clinton in the November general election.

"Many Texas delegates carry all the time".

Trump's emergence has been quite a change for a party once know for its top-down organization, one that tended to go with "the next guy in line" when deciding presidential nominees - but not the first transformation of a party created in 1854. The soft-drink maker donated $666,000 in cash and another $100,000 worth of beverages to the Republican event in 2012, while donating $70,000 worth of products to the Democrats that year, after giving equal gifts of $150,000 to each party gathering in 2008.

Apple said it would not assist the Republican convention because of Republican presumptive candidate Donald Trump's stance on everything from immigration to women. "I think that's going to be fascinating for people to see because they remember watching basketball there".

The conventions will give them a chance to improve their standing with voters, he said.

Utah Sen. Mike Lee
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"I strongly believe that we are bound to the concept of rule of law", said Ambrose, the state's RNC national committeewoman. I was honored to be elected by my fellow delegates from the 11th Congressional District.

Evans also predicted that Trump's behavior over the next few days could be the key to many persuadable delegates.

For Dionysatos, president of the Atlanta Young Republicans, this is her first convention.

After the IN primary, when all other GOP presidential candidates bowed out, Mair says she put her PAC on hold.

A source familiar with Lee's deliberation said that's not the senator playing games, it's just that he still hasn't made up his mind on what he wants to do. The past three conventions were held in Tampa, Florida; St. Paul, Minnesota; and New York City. Trump has not announced his pick yet, but according to CNN, sources say he could make the announcement the week ahead of the convention. "It's humbling. It really is". Vote totals are also read by state, not by individual delegates, so state delegation chairs would have to go along with the effort and report the protest votes. Here's a look at what you can expect at this year's convention. Although he has not denied those rumors, Ciattarelli was much more direct on Friday about his ambitions, saying in an interview that he is "very, very seriously considering" running for governor and is speaking with "a great many people" around New Jersey whose "opinions matter much to us and have an impact on statewide elections". They were tremendous hosts.

Khare has applied for a carry permit, and he says he'll want to get some training and range time before he takes a weapon to Cleveland.

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