Jojo Pillow-Fights With Three Bachelors; Jordan Makes Shocking

Jordan Rodgers

Jordan Rodgers

"I've never seen the guys do this much self-promotion in my life", Reality Steve writes.

Tilley was earlier seen in 2015 on Chris Soule's Season and so it was a big surprise for the other contestants when they saw her on the show. Bushnell said they already got used to sharing their lives and so they agreed to do the new show. "Our main priority was that our relationship always comes first and if something does ever get in the way, we'll have to have another conversation because that's something that neither of us are going to allow to happen".

It now seems that the two exes of Higgins have been bonding pretty well and went out for a long drive after getting their makeup done. But now, with cameras due to start rolling this month, Bushnell says they reached a compromise. She said, the new series "will document exactly what I'm doing and all of our plans for the future".

And if Jordan really did plot to use the show for a rapid rise to fame, we're sure more will come out about it eventually.

Friends, family and Bachelor favorites will all be involved as the engaged pair explores not only planning a wedding, but also co-habitating for the first time with the 26-year-old former flight attendant settling into Higgins' home in Denver. They also stopped for a bite at In-N-Out Burger while out for the ride.

Another contestant who is now making it to tabloid headlines is Robby Hayes.

Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins are a reality TV couple who got engaged in "The Bachelor" 2016 finale. When Lauren was asked about JoJo, she said that she heard about Chad being the frontrunner and that she only keeps herself updated via social media. Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss, Martin Hilton and Jason Ehrlich will serve as the executive producers. According to a previous report from The Inquisitr, many fans who don't read spoilers were shocked when Caila Quinn was shown in photos at a Women Tell All after-party - a get-together that took place before her elimination on the overnight dates episode aired on TV.

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