Labour heading for a split - Corbyn challenger Owen Smith to say

Owen Smith told Leanne Wood she only got on Question Time because she was a woman

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The former shadow business secretary, who quit the shadow cabinet to launch her challenge to Mr Corbyn's position, asked party members at a social event in Wolverhampton: "What attracted you to the Labour Party in the first place?"

The ruling will come as a major blow to the majority of Labour's politicians at Westminster who are desperate to overthrow him. I don't want Labour in the gutter. The proposals Jeremy has put forward in the a year ago - successfully defending tax credits and disabled benefits, rejecting austerity and war, have seen our party grow to record levels of membership.

The challenge to Mr Corbyn's stewardship of the Labour Party began amid claims he had not campaigned strongly enough for a Remain win in the EU Referendum.

However, there was also a setback for Mr Corbyn as the NEC changed some rules for the contest, so people can only vote if they have been a member for at least six months. But I am still a bit anxious about his ability to unite the parliamentary party together. "They represent their constituency but ultimately they are selected by and accountable to their Constituency Labour Party", said the motion.

The Blackpool North and Cleveleys Constituency Labour Party has sent a resolution to the party's National Executive Committee following a special meeting attended by almost 50 members in Cleveleys.

He said: "The situation in the party is of concern to all members and the meeting was called to discuss this".

The NEC decided the leader did not have to collect support from MPs and MEPs as other candidates do, because he is already leader.

It followed speeches from shadow chancellor John McDonnell.

Supporters of Mr Corbyn will hope that, as a three-way fight, the vote will work his way.

Foster, who said he did not vote for Corbyn, denied that "this is about politics" saying: "The advice that was taken was not given the expert consideration that it would receive from a High Court judge, and everyone in the [NEC] room had a different political agenda".

"They have just killed the Labour Party".

"We want to reiterate our confidence in Jeremy and the principled values he stands for".

This Branch supports Jeremy's continuation as our democratically elected leader, and urges MPs to stop undermining him, and start attacking the Tories.

Speaking in his Pontypridd constituency, Mr Smith will say: "This is a moment of deep peril for Labour, if we carry on as we are the party I love will end up in a disastrous spilt".

"I'm not prepared to stand by and let the Labour Party, the party I love and that has been the greatest force for good in this country, split".

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