Large number of GOP senators skipping Trump's convention

Large number of GOP senators skipping Trump's convention

Large number of GOP senators skipping Trump's convention

Wall Street executives are hitting the sell button on the GOP convention in Cleveland next week. They say their decision is at least in part because of the tepid support Trump has received from the Illinois Republican Party.

For many Republicans, that's what will pass for unity next at the convention.

But Ryan's not looking to serve under a President Hillary Clinton, so he'll make the GOP case at the Cleveland arena known by locals as "The Q".

"The Illinois Republican Party is committed to supporting the Republican nominee, Donald Trump".

Some of the speakers mentioned weren't seeking the presidency (or the vice presidency) but are big-name figures within the GOP. Even though he has far more than the needed 1,237 delegates bound to him for the main event - the vote for the nomination - by his campaign's own count, he has only about 900 delegates fully loyal to him.

Other provisions included teaching the Bible in public schools, labeling pornography as a public health crisis and stipulating that all legislation should be driven by Christian beliefs.

The presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, who has exhibited a much more moderate stance on LGBT rights, exerted little influence over the platform committee, The New York Times reports. I really think people will get on board. "And I'm going to make sure I take it to the secretary, and the treasurer, and their dog, just to make sure everything's covered".

Meanwhile, Eric Minor, a software consultant from Gig Harbor, is working to build support for a longshot plan to let convention delegates vote for a presidential candidate based on their conscience, instead of based on their state's primary election or caucus results. "(Trump)'s destroyed that - it's nearly as if we were building a house, and he came in and put a sledgehammer to it.

"If a delegate feels that the state delegation chair has not properly represented their vote, then that individual has the right to object and demand that their vote be corrected", Waters said.

"We at the RNC are holding her feet to the fire every day for her above-the-law mentality", Priebus said in brief remarks that referenced Clinton 15 times and Trump twice.

"You don't change the rules after the game.That's not right", Winbush said. Ted Cruz's convention delegate strategy is now actively lobbying to change the primary rules for 2020 as a reaction to Donald Trump's victory in the 2016 process.

One of the leaders of the "Anybody But Trump" movement is Kendal Unruh, a school teacher from Castle Rock.

And that's the main problem Delegates Unbound and the allied Free the Delegates groups confront: They must overcome not only the Trump campaign ― which appears to be spending more organizational effort holding onto the nomination than fighting Democrat Hillary Clinton ― but the RNC itself.

The third and last "win" is the most hard, if not impossible, but one the "Never Trump" supporters have pushed for months.

Trump's surprise rise in the primaries - on the back of an anti-establishment, protectionist and xenophobic message - deprived the party of the chance to rebuild troubled ties with black and Hispanic voters.

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