Local GOP Delegates are ready for the National Convention

SMASHING10 days ago Brexit Leader I'm Attending RNC

SMASHING10 days ago Brexit Leader I'm Attending RNC

Here is the planned schedule of events for the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland at Quicken Loans Arena, where Donald Trump is the presumptive presidential nominee.

While the presumptive republican nominee-Donald Trump- has been known for a while, this weekend in Cleveland is when he will be officially declared the GOP's presidential candidate.

Payne called the current law impossible to enforce, and said it already conflicts with Republican convention rules.

And Caitlyn Jenner has her bags packed for Cleveland, but so far says she'll just be attending the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to talk about the GOP opening up to the transgendered community, not the convention itself. John McCainJohn McCainBudowsky: If Trump were black Paul Ryan's impossible decision GOP senators rip Ginsburg comments about Trump MORE, who has said that he's anxious about his chances in a state that has a large Hispanic population with Trump at the top of ticket. The first takes place this week, in the Convention Rules Committee, which is charged with drafting the rules guiding next week's nominating convention.

Tuesday morning, anti-Trump forces were given another victory, though a slightly more symbolic one than the one claimed over the weekend.

"If we are a party of liberty, what are we afraid of?" said Gina Blanchard-Reed, a delegate from Washington state, in an email to others who are on the Rules Committee with her.

Trump has said his children, sons Eric and Donald Jr., daughter Ivanka and wife Melania, will speak as well.

Wendy Day, a MI delegate for Cruz leading the local "Dump Trump" effort, supports a proposal to let delegates vote their "conscience" by supporting the candidate of their choosing.

Trump forces also steered the platform away from the party's support for free trade.

"Basically, who cares?" said one top RNC member on condition of anonymity.

12News spoke with a local convention delegate to see if he could listen to Trump opponents and change his vote at the last minute. "I think this thing has run its course".

A federal judge ruled partially in favor of a Virginia Republican delegate, blocking the enforcement of a Virginia law binding delegates to support the primary victor at the nominating convention.

Rich Nordstrom was elected to be a delegate for Donald Trump by nearly 25,000 voters in Illinois' 17th Congressional District.

Ryan was, for instance, forced to repudiate Trump's attacks on an American-born judge of Mexican ancestry who is presiding over a civil suit against the billionaire.

Humphrey said he understood those who argue that the delegates' job is to reflect the choice of voters back home.

Asked whether he agreed with Giuliani's assessment, Trump said the group's name is "divisive".

"In a normal year, with a normal candidate, that would be a simple process".

Police officials have said thousands of officers from Cleveland and other agencies will provide downtown security for the convention, which begins Monday. "This is not a normal year".

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