Local law enforcement react to Dallas police shootings

Local law enforcement say will be going about their duties as normal but say this it serves as a reminder of how dangerous their jobs can be on any given day

Local law enforcement react to Dallas police shootings

"From the public's perspective, they know that there's a different level of accountability, a little more reassurance, that they're probably going to be recorded and the officer's actions are being recorded", Broome County Lieutenant Benjamin Harting said.

John Determan's son is a police officer in the Dallas area, and he is heartbroken over what has happened in Texas. It doesn't matter if it's a larger or small department - we all are willing to put our lives second.

McClain said officers have to pay attention to the intent of the person carrying the weapon. "Even here in Guymon we have cases that we are very fortunate that have not led to any deaths or serious injuries".

Grady County Undersheriff Rusty Pyle said the shooting may have a psychological impact on officers.

"It's a sad state of affairs", Boley said.

More people may be carrying firearms, and opinions differ as to how this affects law enforcement.

"These events (shootings around the country) have one common denominator - violence and acts of violence committed by a select group of individuals upon another", said Dwight Wicks, a Rockdale County administrator and member of the Rockdale NAACP. "It just seems our country has gone away from respecting authority to having absolutely no respect".

While she agrees that there are many honest and compassionate police officers in the communities, Ruby Burchette, a former present of the Newton County chapter of the National Action Network said the dishonest ones need to be removed from the departments.

"I'm not anti-police. They do a great job in the community". We have to make split decisions out there on the street.

"We get out and mingle with children; we have block parties; we raise money for food", Cripps said. "Texans are coming together to mourn and find strength in each other, because we know we can not allow attacks like this to divide our nation". "We mourn for the fallen, our thoughts and prayers go out to the officers, the injured, the families of the fallen officers", said Chief Sparacino.

"I don't think we are on any higher alert now than we have been in the past".

But Friday's rally ended peacefully, and was an example of how local law enforcement is constantly working to keep a good relationship with the community.

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