Manafort: The 'Never Trump' Movement is "Nevermore"

Manafort: The 'Never Trump' Movement is

Manafort: The 'Never Trump' Movement is "Nevermore"

Instead, Unruh is joining a related effort insisting that delegates can already vote their consciences under the current rules. So as far as I'm concerned the "Never Trump" movement is nevermore. There will now surely only be one floor vote to confirm the nominee and Mr Trump will easily capture the 1,237 delegates he needs.

A series of related votes underscored the 112-member panel's one-sided opposition to the conservatives' drive, and it appeared uncertain whether its backers could gather enough support to force the full convention to revisit the proposal when it convenes Monday.

National Review's Tim Alberta reports that the party leadership and Trump allies succeeded in squelching any proposed rule changes that might have impeded Trump's coronation. This, in theory, could have opened the door for an alternative candidate to emerge at the convention and somehow leave Cleveland as the Republican Party's presidential nominee.

As of Friday, Martinez was withholding her endorsement of Trump even as she leads her state's 24-member delegation to the convention to cast their first-round ballots for the NY businessman.

Elected officials, delegates and reporters head to Cleveland this weekend for the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Ted Cruz (Texas) propelled much of the movement to free the delegates - although many in the movement intensely bickered about who they wanted to replace Trump as the GOP nominee.

"I don't believe that Reince Priebus wants to be known as the national party chairman presiding over a party analogous to the split of 1912", Blackwell predicted earlier this week. There were objections, of course, but the gavel cut them short. "They were crushed last night".

The prospect of that is unlikely, and she would need 2,472 delegates to defeat Mr Trump. Mike Lee (R-Utah), will continue to push for changes.

"This problem, this angst isn't going to go away just because we paper over it with rules", Mr Lee said. The "minority report." as it's known, will allow them to be recognized on the floor of the convention.

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