Maryland Lawmaker Heading To RNC Praises Trump, Pence & Hogan

Trump's Deeply Unchill Vice Presidential Pick Is Homophobic and Hates Abortion

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"In the meantime, I'll continue outlining my plans for creating and retaining high-paying jobs, strengthening schools, fixing long neglected infrastructure, combating the state's drug epidemic and all the other very real challenges facing Hoosiers which have taken a back seat to Mike Pence's personal ambition and extreme ideologies for so long". "I was the single greatest non endorsement I have had in my life".

Donald Trump has officially introduced Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his vice presidential running mate. "When I called my mother and told her that we had accepted Donald Trump's selection as vice president, there were tears on both ends of the call". Especially when the running mate isn't well-known nationally, as with Pence, the announcement typically lavishes praise on the running mate and promotes his credentials, ending with a photo of the pair clasping hands aloft.

This time, Trump insisted in a TV interview late Thursday that he hadn't made a "final, final decision" even after he had summoned Pence to NY.

"He looks very good", Trump said.

By Saturday morning, Trump's campaign website was using the new logo.

It surely won't help that Mr Trump now has as his running mate a Midwest governor who also has nearly zero experience of worldwide affairs.

Then he briefly praised Pence.

"In many ways (Pence) can represent a calm foil to Trump's bombastic approach to campaigning", Mahaffee said. One Trump adviser affirmed after the speech that it was, in fact, Trump who called Pence to ask that if he were to tap Pence, he'd get a positive answer.

In discussing the Nice attack, Trump criticized the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton over their foreign policy, and vowed to protect the United States from terrorism through "strength" and "law and order".

Graphic designer Cyrus Highsmith says the logo is in line with Trump's personality.

During the primary season, Pence endorsed Trump's rival Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, and was once a vocal critic of Trump's proposal for a temporary ban on Muslim entering the country.

But even after word spread that Trump had chosen Pence, he appeared to have nagging reservations.

So, too, did the actual announcement event on Saturday, at which Trump meandered for almost a half hour on a variety of topics - including an update on the construction of his new hotel in Washington - before finally calling Pence to the stage, only to then immediately walk away.

Mr Trump insisted Mr Pence was his first choice despite lingering media reports that he had considered changing his mind up to the last minute.

Trump, 70, chose Pence, 57, over two politicians he considers friends and close advisers, former House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich, 73, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, 53. Trump ended up announcing Pence as his running mate on Twitter on Friday. He introduced himself to the small crowd of invited guests - and, more importantly, viewers at home - describing himself as "a pretty basic guy: a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order".

In addition, he persuaded President Barack Obama's administration to accept a state-launched alternative to Medicaid as the vehicle for expanded coverage through Obama's signature health care law.

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