May Leads 'Emotional' Goodbye To Cameron

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Mr Cameron bid farewell to his office, saying it had been "a privilege to serve the country I love", as he tried to shift the focus of his legacy away from Brexit. May had said, "Brexit means Brexit and we are going to make a success of it" she said, assuring her supporters that she would not try and reverse that verdict. She was the only candidate for leadership who did not give a public commitment to allow European Union migrants already in the stay on.

As a result, the former ally of prime minister David Cameron is now scrambling to put a cabinet together in the 48 hours she was given by the current PM.

Theresa May is poised to become the next prime minister of Britain, thanks to the withdrawal of her only opponent, Andrea Leadsom, from the Conservative leadership race on Monday.

Ministers gathered for Cameron's 215th and final weekly Cabinet session a day after Home Secretary Theresa May was confirmed as the new Conservative leader and prime minister-in-waiting.

"She's the kind of minister that American cabinet members like - she's not a grandstander, she's always well-prepared, she's hardworking and has a good sense of the responsibilities of her office", Ries said.

"We'll have a new prime minister by Wednesday evening", Cameron said in a statement Monday.

"As I leave today, I hope that people will see a stronger country, a thriving economy, and more chances to get on in life". And the paper's editorial page concurred, making the inevitable comparison between May and her only same-sex predecessor, Margaret Thatcher: "We have had one running the country before; we need another now".

Soon to be the second female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the comparisons with the first PM, Ms Margaret Thatcher were always expected, but not entirely unjustified, specifically because Ms May is known to be tough and unrelenting, much like her predecessor.

Culture Secretary John Whittingdale said: "It was emotional but quite rightly we spent a long time on the Government business, but then we had a period during which we could raise tributes to the extraordinary service the Prime Minister has given, led on by George Osborne and Theresa May". "They would do far better to turn their attention to the mammoth task ahead and let our excellent civil servants get the best deal for Britain".

After raising the profile of India-UK relations since 2010 through what he called a "new special relationship", Prime Minister David Cameron chaired his last cabinet meeting on Tuesday before leaving office.

Ms May has been a tough-talking interior minister for the past six years and is something of an unknown quantity internationally, although she has received ringing endorsements from party colleagues and a normally sceptical British tabloid press.

Against one of the most daunting backdrops facing any recent British premier, May will need to decide fast who will helm the Brexit negotiations; who will try to steer the economy clear of recession as chancellor of the exchequer; and who will succeed her as home secretary to tackle immigration, the issue that dominated the referendum campaign.

The vote exposed deep inequalities in British society which Ms May has promised to address and upended the political scene, sending her Conservatives and the main opposition Labour Party into turmoil.

May told Cabinet the time was not right for an election because of the need to tackle Brexit and ensure leaving the European Union is turned into a success for Britain. She has also said that the earliest she would activate Article 50 of the European Union charter, is late 2016.

The newly appointed chairwoman stunned the party conference with her speech in which she said that some people called the Tories "the nasty party".

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