May makes undiplomatic figure top United Kingdom diplomat

US State Secretary John Kerry congratulated Boris Johnson on Thursday on his appointment as United Kingdom foreign secretary, a spokesman for the US State Department said Thursday.

The former mayor of London and one of the most controversial leaders of the Leave campaign in the UK's European Union referendum, Boris Johnson is making newspaper headlines around the world these days.

After filling half a dozen of the top jobs Wednesday - including surprise choice Boris Johnson as foreign Secretary - May made new appointments Thursday, including Justice Secretary Liz Truss and Education Secretary Justine Greening.

Johnson, considered by many to be a strong supporter of Israel's right-wing government, had been widely expected to stand for the leadership of the governing Conservative Party after "Remain" campaign leader David Cameron announced his resignation as prime minister in the wake of the referendum.

It is thought Mr Ayrault was referring to the £350 million claim which Vote Leave and Mr Johnson touted during the referendum campaign as how much Britain sends per week to be in the EU.

The foreign secretary position could even be a good fit for Johnson.

Mr Johnson, who dramatically pulled out of the Tory leadership race two weeks ago, was asked what the Foreign Office would be responsible for under his leadership, with major functions handed to the new departments created to handle withdrawal from the European Union and promote global trade.

May's move - bravery or folly, time will tell - means Johnson will be able to command TV news coverage with a series of foreign trips.

Kai Whittaker, an MP in German chancellor Angela Merkel's CDU party, told BBC Radio 4's World At One: "It's probably the most astonishing promotion in this Cabinet".

Johnson was in 2004 ordered by Conservative Party leader Michael Howard to apologize to Liverpool, because he had accused the residents of the city of wallowing in "victim status" because of public grieving after a Liverpool resident was taken hostage and slain in Iraq.

Wikileaks tweeted an extract from the document hours after Johnson was named as Foreign Secretary in Theresa May's Cabinet reshuffle.

New British Prime Minister Theresa May completed a major overhaul of the government Thursday, promoting leading Brexit campaigners and stunning observers.

Britain now needs to create "a new inter-governmental relationship that is superior to the existing system", he said.

'I was very pleased to receive a phone call from Secretary (John) Kerry of the United States who totally agreed with that analysis.

Germany's Die Welt said many initially thought the "bombshell" appointment was a joke, recalling that Johnson has compared the European Union to Adolf Hitler and likened Hillary Clinton to "a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital".

- Philip Hammond was appointed as Chancellor of the Exchequer, or Treasury chief.

He said France needed a negotiating partner who was credible and reliable.

Work and pensions minister Stephen Crabb, who had also sought the prime minister's job, resigned citing family reasons, days after the married politician had hit the front pages for allegedly sending flirtatious WhatsApp messages to a young woman.

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