Maybe Hillary Clinton didn't do anything wrong after all

Maybe Hillary Clinton shouldn't have to worry about prison, but she surer than anything should not be an unchecked president of the United States.

In another interview to MSNBC, Clinton said there was no evidence of hacking of the server which hosted her emails.

While Mrs Clinton's Republican opponents have fumed at the decision not to file criminal charges, Mrs Clinton and her staff have disputed some of Mr Comey's criticisms that undermine her argument she has better judgement than businessman Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential candidate. When I talked to the Chairman, I agreed to come because I think the American people care deeply about this.

If she were at the Federal Bureau of Investigation instead of running for president, Hillary ClintonHillary Rodham ClintonPeter King: Mistake for GOP to attack Federal Bureau of Investigation director's integrity Clinton ahead nationally amid widespread dissatisfaction: poll Trump slips on Constitution particulars at House GOP meeting MORE might have lost her job for using a private email server to communicate about classified matters.

So Rep. John Duncan (R-Tenn.) pressed Comey on the difference between the phrase "extremely careless" versus "gross negligence". The personal email system was an attempt to evade GOP scandal-mongers and to avoid the scrutiny she knew they would bring to bear no matter how benign her activities. But the choice would likely prove controversial given that Lynch is the ultimate arbiter in the Justice Department's investigation into the potential mishandling of classified information on Clinton's private email server.

The House Benghazi committee is set to meet Friday to approve a report on its two-year investigation that found no wrongdoing by Clinton but did reveal that she used a private email server for government business. Had the "average Joe" done what she had done, he said, that person would go to prison. Clinton has said she used one device and returned all work-related emails.

But Comey said that the FBI investigative team could not find evidence going through thousands of Clinton's emails that she "clearly, willfully" sought to violate USA laws and that "no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case" against her based on the evidence uncovered during the probe. She also declined to recuse herself from the probe, saying that she will review recommendations from FBI investigators and Justice Department lawyers. "I regret that but I am very glad that this is behind us now and we are moving forward". Comey replied that prosecuting Clinton would have shown a double standard.

"You'll have one", Chaffetz said.

"As a former judge, you know there isn't a great definition in the law of gross negligence", Comey replied. He said three of the emails in question bore classification markings in the body despite Clinton's assertions that nothing she had sent or received was marked classified. What we can't establish is that she acted with the necessary criminal intent.

"If he turns it down, Mrs. Clinton would look at appointing a woman to that job, which has been held only by men", according to The Times.

COMEY: Certainly she should have known not to send classified information. To be clear, the ability of that office to calibrate successfully the chances of prosecutorial success is hardly persuasive, particularly since it lost 3 out of 4 cases it took to trial, as well as both appeals it made to the Supreme Court.

He added: "In my mind, it illustrates importantly the distinction to this case".

He said during a press conference on Tuesday that while FBI investigators found no "direct evidence" that Clinton's email domain was successfully hacked, he assessed that "it is possible that hostile actors gained access to Secretary Clinton's personal email account".

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