Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates - Summer 2016's Funniest Movie

There's a skill to generating hilarity from nonstop profanity and the creative team of director Jake Szymanski and writers Andrew Jay Cohen & Brendan O'Brien don't have it. "Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates" is steeped in swearing but little of it contributes to the film's "comedy". That's more than can be said for Mike and Dave themselves, whose arcs are less convincing.

In 2013, the real Mike and Dave - Mike Stangle, now 27, and Dave Stangle, 31 - were implored by their family not to ruin an upcoming wedding, and so they placed an ad seeking wedding dates on Craigslist.

It's written by the same guys behind Bad Neighbours and also stars Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza.

Once in Hawaii, it's not the brothers who wreak havoc, but Alice and Tatiana, which leads to a few terrific, twisted sight gags.

Released in theaters in early June, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates looks to be one of the best irreverent and crude comedies of the year, all while cracking up audiences time and again. Then there are the shocking jokes that simply don't land, coupled with incredibly shoddy production values. And the women they eventually choose are two decidedly not nice girls - Tatiana (Aubrey Plaza) and Alice (Anna Kendrick, far too talented for this) - who trick them into thinking they are exactly what they're looking for. Plaza's weird "urban" accent she puts on as Tatiana is confounding and borders on offensive.

Before long Mike and Dave receive national recognition, appearing on Good Morning America and The Today Show.

Traditionally, you'd also be waiting for the other shoe to drop - for Mike (Adam Devine) and Dave (Zac Efron) to slowly fall for their dates, only to have everything messed up once the lie comes to light.

That's exactly what happened last night when the duo surprised punters at a VIP screening of Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates at HOYTS Eastgardens in Sydney (a cinema that's got dope-ass reclining chairs, btw).

This one definitely is not.

For, at its heart, this one's just a chance to throw together some insane set pieces - an ATV excursion that leads to a maiming accident, a massage that goes too far, a horse stampede - with some amusing lines, lots of nudity and just enough drug use to hit all the R-rated buttons. The movie was directed by Jake Szymanski, who has a host of amusing or Die shorts and the HBO tennis comedy "7 Days in Hell" under his belt, but "Mike & Dave" suggests that he has trouble handling multiple story lines that are meant to stretch beyond a few minutes. The only one who fits comfortably into her role is Plaza, who is credible for about two-thirds of the proceedings until the script assassinates her character.

Adam Devine is a busy guy.

While we are used to seeing Zac Efron playing the party boy, the movie is stolen by Modern Family's Adam Devine, who not only gets all the best laughs, but proves that he is a comedic actor with impeccable timing.

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