Military coup underway in Turkey: PM

Most of the dead are civilians. The senior official told The Associated Press that all government officials were in charge of their offices.

State-run Anadolu Agency reports 754 members of armed forces have been detained across Turkey. That includes the National Intelligence Agency, police and government buildings.

Almost 3000 military personnel have also been detained, the country's Prime Minister has confirmed.

According to Politico, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has now announced to the nation of Turkey that the attempt by some factions of the Turkish military failed and that the government has control once again of the country.

They're walking among tanks with their hands held up.

At least 42 people, 17 of them police and others civilians, were killed in Ankara, NTV reported, citing the chief prosecutor's office in the capital's Golbasi district.

"We pray for the safety of the Turkish people who are now amassing on the streets as a show of support for democracy", it underlined. The coup was a failure, he declared, and his government remained in charge. A coup against the democratically elected government could have made it hard for the United States to continue to cooperate with Turkey. Those from USA who are trying to destabilize our country, I challenge them to return.

Pakistan has pledged complete support for democracy in Turkey while rejecting an attempted army coup in the country late Friday night.

The station also showed the moment five soldiers, who appeared to be conscripts, enter the building brandishing machine guns and telling employees to vacate the building.

Colonels and generals implicated in the rebellion were fired and loyal troops rescued the military chief who had been taken hostage at an air base on the outskirts of Ankara, the capital.

Special forces police appear to be deployed in the grounds of the complex, just across the street from the military headquarters.

While the military forces use tanks throughout the capital of Ankara a lot of the carnage is being caused by helicopters.

2339 GMT - Bomb hits parliament in Ankara, state-run Anadolu Agency says. Erdogan earlier said that the coup plot will fail.

News reports said President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was safe and would make a televised statement soon.

Later, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said the situation is largely under control.

He had called on Turks to take to the streets to defend his government.

Mr Erdogan, who said his general secretary had been abducted by the coup plotters, flew into Ataturk early on Saturday and was greeted by large crowds. He has earlier ordered those aircraft shot down.

He said the Turkish military is determined to purge soldiers aligned with Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, who is living in exile in Pennsylvania. Amsterdam said he and his firm had attempted multiple times to warn the USA government of the threat posed by Fethullah Gulen and his movement, according to the Associated Press.

A total of 1,563 military officers had been arrested, authorities said.

The president of a group that promotes Gulen's ideas denied the claim.

Turkey's armed forces said on Friday they had taken power in the country to protect the democratic order and to maintain human rights.

"The Government of Canada is being kept informed of developments in Turkey, and we are doing everything possible to ensure that the safety and security of Canadians in that country is maintained". Officials close to Erdogan say elements of the Gendarmerie General Command and the Air Force were behind the attempted coup.

"The military commanders have made it clear that the coup plotters violated the chain of command", presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin told NTV.

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