Military has response measures for South China Sea ruling: minister

Ban also said he stressed to Foreign Minister Wang Yi that all countries with rival claims to the South China Sea should settle their differences peacefully, ahead of a ruling by an global panel on the validity of China's claims to virtually all of the sea.

As tensions build ahead of an worldwide tribunal's ruling on Beijing's claims over the South China Sea, a veteran Chinese foreign-policy maker sent a stern warning about putting the verdict into action.

Speaking by telephone, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told Kerry the United States should stick to its promises not to take sides in the dispute, China's foreign ministry said.

The Philippines's permanent representative to the United Nations called on the union's member countries to support the rule of law in the upcoming decision of its arbitral tribunal in connection with the South China Sea dispute.

Wu Shicun, with the National Institute for South China Sea Studies, says China will continue to use peaceful means to solve any disputes and will look to speed up discussions on arranging a Code of Conduct (COC) for the region.

"On the contrary, it will only escalate the disputes and the tensions and should be resisted by all countries and people who uphold justice in the world", he added.

Yasay said the Philippines would also consider jointly exploring a natural gas field at Reed Bank, which is similarly within the Philippines' exclusive economic zone and far from China's nearest major landmass.

China's claims reach nearly to the coasts of the Philippines and some other Southeast Asian nations, and it had in recent years built giant artificial islands in the disputed areas to enforce what it says are its indisputable sovereign rights.

Beijing's territorial claims to the islands partly overlap those of the Philippines, Vietnam, and Taiwan, while Beijing also has ongoing territorial disputes in the area with Malaysia and Brunei.

US military ships and aircraft will likely not honor a temporary so-called "No Sail" zone Beijing established in the South China Sea for a six-day People's Liberation Army Navy exercise - from July 5 to July 11, USNI News understands.

China has reacted negatively to U.S. patrols in the South China Sea and is due to begin military drills in the waters tomorrow (6 July).

China hopes the United States "speaks and acts cautiously, and take no actions that harmChina's sovereignty and security interests", the statement paraphrased Wang as saying.

He said that although China has the capability to recover the islands and reefs, it has all along exercised enormous restraint and sought a peaceful settlement through talks.

"I hear The arbitration ruling will come out soon, and so be it".

China has been angered by US patrols in the South China Sea in recent months and on Tuesday launched what the Defense Ministry termed "routine" military drills there.

China has refused to take part in the case and promised to ignore all rulings that may come down, rulings that the United States of America says are mandatory and an important test of China's readiness to adhere to worldwide law.

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