Mobile craze 'Pokemon Go' officially reaches Germany


Mobile craze 'Pokemon Go' officially reaches Germany

It's a combination of things - nostalgia, augmented reality and fun gameplay.

Growing numbers of Pokemon Go players in Australia, one of three countries where Nintendo Co's smash-hit mobile game is available, are complaining they're having trouble logging in, raising concerns the Japanese firm may not be able to roll the game out globally as quickly as planned.

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Developed by Pokemon Company International, Niantic Inc and Nintendo Co Ltd, the game uses the GPS mapping and camera systems on players' devices. For example, a chain of malls might pay to bring Pokemon to their locations, which will in turn bring Pokemon Go players from the surrounding areas to their malls as they search for Pokemon to catch. You're on a mission to capture Pokemon characters (there are over 100 to find) all around you.

With the ubiquity of smart phones, Pokémon Go capitalizes on the tools already on people's phones, while giving them a fun story focused around gathering items-similar to the trading card game.

Pokemon Go's privacy policy "suggests that Niantic can collect a broad swath of personal information from its players", he says in a letter to John Hanke, the CEO of Niantic - a company that Google spun off previous year that developed the game.

The first update of Pokemon Go is now live on the iTunes App store and limits the game's access to your account data.

Some of the recent reports suggested that Niantic, the app's maker had been collecting gamer email address, IP address, the web page use by the them before logging into Pokémon Go, their username, and location.

"We're seeing scores, if not hundreds, of people coming down to the mall with the app playing 'Pokemon Go, '" said Mike Litterst, a spokesman for the National Park Service.

Providing you've removed the app from your list of permissions on Google's "Apps connected to your account" page and logged back in to the app, you should now see that the app only has access to "basic account info". That should downgrade account access to just "basic" and not "full".

If you are anxious that you might be missing out on the biggest craze in the history of the smartphone, here is how to download Pokemon Go on Android or iOS before it is officially released in Thailand, or anywhere else for that matter.

If it says "Full Account Access" click the REMOVE button nearby.

If an iPhone user wants to play Pokemon Go in India, he or she will have to wait until Nintendo releases it here, which is likely to be soon.

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