Modern day feminist thought to be a victim of 'honor killing.'

Baloch's brother, who is said to have had a problem with the pictures she was posting online, is now on the run. More than 1,000 women were killed in honor killings in Pakistan a year ago alone, according to data from the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

Police said Baloch apparently was attacked Friday night while she was asleep in her parents' house in Muzaffarabad, a town on the outskirts of Multan in the province of Punjab. Divorced from her husband, she had been nicknamed 'Pakistan's Kim Jardashian, ' and 'Pakistan's first social media star'. The father also testified against another of his sons, who works in the army and reportedly encouraged his sibling to carry out the killing. If you remember once she also posted a video about Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi. "As a women, we must stand up for each other...As a women we must stand up for justice".

Every year, hundreds of women are murdered in Pakistan in so-called honour killing cases.

Baloch received multiple death threats and suffered frequent misogynist abuse, but continued posting provocative pictures and videos.

"She was killed because a pervasive misogynistic culture cultivates and protects a toxic masculinity", the petition said.

She found fame and slipped into the national consciousness after declaring that she would perform a live strip tease online if Pakistan won a cricket match against arch rival India.

Baloch had struggled to reconcile her family's values with her social media stunts, including a selfie with a famous Muslim cleric that led to widespread condemnation from powerful religious figures.

In an interview published earlier this week by Pakistani lifestyle site Dawn Images, Baloch said her family had forced her to marry a much older, uneducated man when she was 17. "I know you will keep on hating, who cares?" She called herself a "one woman army" in a battle against the repression of women in Pakistan.

Numerous videos she shared to her almost 750,000 followers on Facebook involved her making faces at the camera, talking about her celebrity crushes and toying with different hairstyles, but according to CNN, they recently became more political, triggering increasing backlash from critics.

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