More Washington than celebrity in Trump convention lineup

Giovanni Cicione, a Rhode Island attorney on the party's Platform Committee, said Wednesday that he has collected enough petition signatures from delegates to force a vote on the alternative proposal on the convention floor next week. But it's unclear they'll prevail before the dispute flares into a potentially angry and embarrassing floor fight next week.

Those odds aren't swaying Kendal Unruh, the Colorado delegate who's emerged as the face of the convention's "Never Trump" forces.

In the Midwest swing states of Iowa and Ohio, Republican Donald Trump is running neck and neck with Democratic contender Hillary Clinton, according to a new WSJ/NBC News/Marist poll. But Evans said Trump can also rely on 903 delegates who will do whatever Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus wants, with the remaining 800 supporting Texas Sen. Trump not only attained the required 1,237 delegates to become the nominee of the party but also exceeded that number by more than 300.

"Chains, whips, muzzles and tasers", Steve Duprey, an RNC member from New Hampshire, joked about how top Republicans have tried to calm the uprising. Only around 30 of 112 amassed platform delegates were willing to vote in favor of Hoff's amendment, and fewer were in favor of removing a call for a Constitutional ban on same sex marriage from the party platform.

The convention rules committee can make recommendations, but it will be up to all 168 members to make the final decision.

If it is, it seems likely to lose. Trump won roughly 13.3 million of the more than 28.5 million votes cast in Republican nominating contests - short of a majority, but far ahead of second-place finisher Ted Cruz's 7.7 million votes and 559 delegates.

Trump attended a gay wedding in the past and has said he knows "many, many gay people". RNC General Counsel John Ryder, who is also a Trump delegate from Tennessee, presented the main points to the committee, giving his legal opinion on why delegates to the Republican National Convention are bound to the victor of their state's primary or caucus on the first ballot.

Either way, "Delegates Unbound" are working around the clock to try and ensure delegates don't just fall in line on the convention floor in just days. Party leaders eager to forestall opponents can at times exercise that power to their benefit by ignoring delegates trying to lodge objections.

For many Republicans, that's what will pass for unity next at the convention. Unruh's probably bluffing - unless Mike Lee, the most prominent member of the Committee, decides to throw down the gauntlet and join the #NeverTrumpers, in which case anything can happen.

"If our party wants a future, we should be mindful of these statistics and we must evolve". Led by groups with names like Free the Delegates and Delegates Unbound, there has been a smattering of television ads plus telephone surveys, social media advertising and cajoling calls from officials.

"We at the RNC are holding her feet to the fire every day for her above-the-law mentality", Priebus said in brief remarks that referenced Clinton 15 times and Trump twice.

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