Murrandoo Yanner shouts down Pauline Hanson in public

Pauline Hanson has called for Indigenous activist Murrandoo Yanner to sit down and discuss the issues affecting Aboriginal communities, following yesterday's verbal altercation at the Cairns Indigenous Arts Fair.

On Saturday, Mr Yanner thrust his water bottle into the air in anger as he told the senator to "go back to Ipswich and your fish and chip shop".

"You are intellectually dishonest and you are not welcome here".

In a video later posted on Facebook, Ms Hanson said she was "ashamed" by the incident but invited Mr Yanner to work with her.

As Ms Hanson and her team walked away from the confrontation Mr Yanner was congratulated with cheers and clapping from the crowd.

"Things like accountability from the Land Council are things I called for about 20 years ago", she said.

"We have to work together, Murrandoo, please let's work together on issues that are important to me and the Aboriginal people", she said.

"They're important to me and important to Aboriginal people".

She had previously criticised Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people for getting what she has referred to as special and preferential treatment.

Ms Hanson said no-one wanted to see the sexual abuse of women and children.

The tension remained high, with some patrons asking what she was doing at the Indigenous event, the spokeswoman said.

"The abuse you received are from racist and bigoted Aboriginal people".

"Pauline you make my skin crawl", Karla Andrews wrote on Ms Hanson's Facebook page.

She used her maiden speech when elected to the House of Representatives in 1996 to criticise Aboriginal land rights, welfare and reconciliation.

Ms Hanson made her first appearance in politics 20 years ago and has now been elected to the Senate.

More recently, she called for a ban on Muslim immigration to Australia after the Orlando nightclub shooting in America last month.

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