Narendra Modi highlights areas of cooperation between India and Mozambique

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said that India wants to build on its already flourishing trade and investment ties with Mozambique.

He is expected to meet with the Indian community in South Africa, which has more than one million people of Indian origin.

Prime Minister Modi reached Maputo as a part of his four nation tour of the African continent this morning.

Before departing for South African capital city of Pretoria at 6.20 p.m., the Prime Minister will interact with Indian Diaspora.

She also reflected on the impact that Mahatma Gandhi's tenure in South Africa at the turn of the last century had on the resistance to the apartheid regime. Indian in Africa contribute to India's status worldwide, he added. Modi will also pay tribute to iconic leader Nelson Mandela and visit Phoenix Settlement and Pietermaritzburg Station, the two places that very closely associated with Mahatma Gandhi's stay in South Africa.

On July 10, he will be in Tanzania for a "brief but crucial visit" to give an impetus to ties with Tanzania, a valued friend in Africa, Modi said.

Both dignitaries noted that Mozambique and India share a common history of anti-colonial struggle, and have been successful in establishing democratic traditions in their respective societies after achieving independence.

Referring to the agriculture sector, he said India is committed to buy pulses from Mozambique, regarding which a "long-term agreement" was signed on the occasion.

"The visit will be used to further bolster cooperation on economic, political, social and worldwide areas", the South African president said in a late Thursday statement. "But, we are also aware of the emerging strategic and security challenges in the maritime domain", said the Prime Minister who was later hosted for banquet by the Mozambican President.

Later in the day, the Prime Minister is scheduled to meet Veronica Mamoco, President of Mozambique's National Assembly.

India and Africa are together home to a third of the world's population, but neither India nor any African country has a permanent seat on the council, which is made up of China, Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom and France.

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