NBA, Hornets do not endorse proposed revisions to gender bathroom law

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"We have been hearing rumors all session that there were some changes being discussed in the Republican house caucus to House Bill 2", said Fitzgerald, changes that pro-family advocates found unnecessary given their view that the bill as it is now written is sound legislation.

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) North Carolina lawmakers took steps Thursday to set aside a half-million dollars for the legal defense of a law limiting protections for LGBT people as a judge sought to streamline a cluster of lawsuits it has inspired.

"It is easy to march alongside the LGBTQ community in a parade".

Pressure to change the law has come from several quarters including the National Basketball Association, which has been weighing whether to keep the 2017 All-Star Game in Charlotte. And Republican lawmakers have been working on changes to the law now that sports interests in the state have stepped up pressure.

Draft legislation circulating this week included a proposal to offer "gender reassignment certificates" that would allow transgender people who haven't changed the gender on their birth certificate to prove they've had gender reassignment surgery - and can therefore use the bathroom they prefer.

"Lawmakers may have run out the clock on this short session, but they won't be able to run away from North Carolina's voters in November".

Concerning North Carolina's transgender bathroom bill, the legislature's votes might cut into the weekend as they tweak the bill rather than repeal it with the new changes.

"This is just one of the incredible mistakes made in the passage of House Bill 2", said Democratic state Rep. Chris Sgro of Guilford County.

A TIMELINE LOOK BACK AT 100 DAYS OF HB2 " North Carolina Values Coalition is not opposed to the reported technical correction bill that intends to reinstate an individual's ability to file suit for discrimination under state law. Fitzgerald said she believes that that measure was ultimately stripped from the proposed changes.

The league suggested it might even pull the 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte if a compromise did not meet its "guiding principles of inclusion, mutual respect and equal protections for all". "I hope that they - and frankly every business that had concerns about discrimination arguments - see fixing this issue with access to state courts as fixing that".

Also Friday, the House voted 89-23 on a bill that includes moving $500,000 from disaster relief funding to help defend HB2 in court.

Pepper spray could soon be permitted at every high school in North Carolina's Rowan-Salisbury school district.

The Human Rights Campaign issued a statement Friday saying that a full repeal of the law is the only acceptable solution. The statement closed with the thinly veiled threat that "there has been no new decision" on next year's game.

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