Netanyahu under investigation by Israeli Attorney General

Shoukry's trip was the first official visit to Israel since 2007 and indicates the strong, if discreet, ties between Egypt and Israel. Netanyahu said at the start of his meeting that he appreciated Sisi's offer "to advance peace with the Palestinians and a broader peace in our region".

The tripartite summit, which would also be attended by senior officials from Jordan and Egypt, would seek to engage in confidence-building measures in an effort to calm the 10-month surge in violence in the West Bank, Palestinian officials told both the London-based Al-Hayat newspaper and Israel's Haaretz daily.

Shoukry's meeting with Mr. Abbas and Netanyahu cements Egypt's role as a central player in any upcoming Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

The examination, announced late Sunday, could prove a new challenge for Netanyahu, who has been fighting off accusations of shady dealings and financial mismanagement against him and his wife. In Sisi's impromptu and unusual foreign policy speech in May, he said "we will achieve a warmer peace if we resolve the issue of our Palestinian brothers", and he asked the Israeli leadership to broadcast his words throughout its country. He also said that Shoukry had promised to try to help Israel retrieve the bodies of two Israeli soldiers who had been killed in fighting with the Islamist Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip two years ago, as well as two Israeli civilians who entered Gaza voluntarily and are believed being held by Hamas.

Egypt supports both the Palestinian and the Israeli side to restore the peace talks, affirmed Shoukry, pointing that the starting point should be the adherence to global resolutions, according to a statement released by the Foreign Ministry.

Netanyahu and a member of the Palestine Liberation Organization Executive Committee, Wasel Abu Yousef, each welcomed future peace efforts by Egypt and other Arab states, according to Reuters.

Zionist Union leaders Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni firmly denied a report in a Saudi news site Monday that they met with Shoukry during his visit to Jerusalem and he pressed them to enter Netanyahu's government.

There was speculation in Israel that it might be preferable to wait for a new US administration and not sign an MOU with the current one in the hope of receiving a more generous aid package.

He said: "The plight of the Palestinian people becomes more arduous every day, and the dream of peace and security moves further out of the Israeli people's reach as long as the conflict continues".

The Shoukry visit came amid chatter over the renewal of an Arab peace initiative and as Israel's military recently saluted "unprecedented" intelligence cooperation with Egypt to combat the Islamic State group. He also said relationships with Gulf Arab countries were improving because of shared concerns about terrorism and Iran.

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