NFL will put chips in footballs as part of study

NFL will put chips in footballs as part of study

NFL will put chips in footballs as part of study

The collected data will tell the league how close each kick comes to the uprights and the projected number of kicks missed if the uprights were narrowed.

One of those studies will include the placing of microchips inside kicking balls so that the National Football League can study, among other things, how far inside the uprights all successful field goals and extra points are kicked.

Place-kickers are increasingly accurate with the field-goal and extra point attempts, so much so that the National Football League is considering action to make the attempts more hard.

Teams have increased their attention to field goals and extra points in recent years. At this rate, we wouldn't be surprised if the National Football League devised a plan to track its players off the field, too. That information will help decision-makers determine whether to "shorten the distance between the uprights, what is the right distance, and where should it be to make it a more hard kick", Blandino said. A chip will be placed in every ball during the preseason.

On Sunday, ESPN reporter, Kevin Siefert, released information stating the NFL is nearing finalization on plans to insert data chips into game balls that will be used in the 2016 preseason and Thursday night regular season games, according to a league official. Come next football season, you could be seeing far fewer conversions. Blandino said the game is becoming too specialized, so how about either making the kickers play an actual position, or make your position players take on kicking duties?

And if field-goal attempts become even more challenging than they already are, then kickers will become more valuable as contracts like Justin Tucker's new $16.8 million deal will be commonplace.

"We'll see what the data tells us", Blandino said. "But I wouldn't know at this point, without seeing how it goes this year".

Referees have often struggled to place the ball in its precise location after a runner is tackled or buried in a pile and the chips are created to provide assistance in these scenarios and may also be used to determine whether a runner was able to break the plane of the goal line for a touchdown.

The NFL is an ever-changing sport.

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