Nintendo launches Pokemon game for Android and iOS users

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Nintendo launches Pokemon game for Android and iOS users

If they're not careful, the Poke'ball might miss the Pokemon and fly off screen, wasting one of the most important items of the game.

There are options available for using Android apps on a Windows 10 phone but these involve quite a lot of technical know-how and are not guaranteed to always work. Of course, exploring will help you to get the most out of your Pokemon captures, too.

Business Insider reports that Pokemon Go's global rollout to countries like the United Kingdom and the Netherlands has been paused.

Pokemon GO, the joint venture augmented reality game from Niantic Labs (a former subsidiary of Google) and Nintendo, launched in the United States earlier today. However, the fans in other countries can install the app by downloading the.apk file. But since this is one of the most loyal and united mobile communities out there, majority would back bringing Pokemon GO to Windows Phone even if they don't want to play the game.

With the present set-up of "Pokemon Go", trainers belonging to a team can not fight yet until all members have reached Level 5. In fact, judging by the server strain the game seems to be experiencing, it seems to have surpassed even the most optimistic of predictions.

Millions of Pokemon fans from around the world dealt with an array of emotions on Thursday.

"My apartment is infested with nothing but Pidgeys, but the first day I started playing, I found some more interesting Pokemon a block or two away", he continued.

With all that said, Pokemon GO is a clear indication that Nintendo's brands have a market on smartphone devices- which bodes well for Nintendo ahead of the impending launches of Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing this Fall for iOS and Android. Instead of just throwing the Poke'ball recklessly, players have to make sure the ring is small so that the Pokemon will be easier to catch.

In order to use the device, players' smartphones should have a Bluetooth 4.0, must run Android 4.3, and support Global Positioning System technology.

Those who aren't unsafe about their Pokemon GO obsessions are not safe, either, according to a tweet by Twitter user "Wren" (@wrentherapper).

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