Nvidia releases new Geforce 368.81 WHQL drivers

Nvidia VR funhouse

Nvidia releases new Geforce 368.81 WHQL drivers

First and foremost, Nvidia's reasons for producing a self-titled game, in collaboration with LightSpeed Studios, is not to compete with current companies already publishing in the field but to rather introduce a more extensive and all-encompassing approach to how these companies could incorporate Nvidia's gaming technology into future VR games.

VR Funhouse, as it is called, promises to deliver a VR experience like you have never seen before. Based on Unreal Engine 4, the Nvidia VR Fun House is a set of seven mini-games meant to demonstrate Virtual Reality in a fun way as well as use some of Nvidia technologies, like the FleX, Flow, HairWorks, PhysX Destruction and Multi-Res Shading. The title is set in a carnival environment where players can interact with numerous objects in the game, experiencing game-changing physics effects and reality-bending graphical capabilities. Therefore, if the specifications and physical descriptions of the two top video cards of this generation are almost identical, it can also be expected that the new Nvidia and AMD GPUs will have similar pricing range. And now, the company has finally taken a step into gaming proper, launching its first-ever game Thursday. Ansel is a screenshotting tool that gives gamers control over the in-game camera to capture handsome screenshots of their actions. It is a Pascal exclusive feature that takes ultra high-resolution screenshots and lets users do some image editing to boot.

Raw Data - a fighting game featuring a range of weapons and melee combat.

Nvidia releases new Geforce 368.81 WHQL drivers

Developers will be able to examine it up close later this summer when VR Funhouse will be open sourced. Now, though, it's having a crack at developing its own titles, releasing a virtual reality game it claims is the 'world's most advanced' - and giving it away for free.

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