Obama Talks About Race And Police ... Again

A black Minnesota man who was fatally shot by a police officer last week will be remembered at an ecumenical service at a stately Catholic cathedral.

In an interview Monday with The Associated Press, the presumptive GOP nominee struck a balance between the law-and-order rhetoric he has espoused during his campaign and an appreciation for the concerns held by African-Americans nationwide about the conduct of police. Some have described the remarks as an insult, an all-too-quick condemnation before all the facts are in and a failure to acknowledge the thousands of cops who do a good job and routinely risk their lives. "The president doesn't defend the police".

"Vitriol and inflammatory rhetoric only make it more hard to have the kind of constructive dialogue we need right now", Meyers said.

He spoke before an audience that included police officers, relatives of the slain - and five empty seats, each representing a fallen officer. A folded flag and a police hat rested on each chair.

"It always feels like in America. if you take a stand for something, you automatically are against something else".

"Going forward, I want to hear ideas from even more Americans about how we can address these challenges together as one nation".

It has extended to the UK, Canada and other countries where the number of people killed by police is a fraction of that in the US.

Obama made the same case more than a year ago, when asked about the protests that greeted Freddie Gray's death in Baltimore. They mean, "Let's agitate against a police matters".

Under President Bill Clinton, the Crime Bill of 1994 provided money to hire tens of thousands of new police. Civil rights activist the Rev Al Sharpton also attended.

Just seven months into Obama's first term, Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates was arrested as he returned home late one night and tried to open his jammed front door. NBC reports 21 officers were injured in the process.

Lara, who claimed to be part of the anti-government "Sovereign Citizen" movement, which is recognized as a domestic terror threat by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, was arrested on terrorism hoax charges after police found commercial-grade smoke bombs in the backpack, said Balderrama.

Mr Obama was speaking in Washington after meeting activists, politicians and law enforcement officers.

"That really was the tell-tale sign of his ideology" against police, Yates said.

"Black Lives Matter is not just about black lives, it is about the quality of black lives", says Janaya Khan, a founder of the Black Lives Matter Toronto chapter. They went to Total Defense in Ramsey, where owner Dan Wellman says they teach students to hand over their permits with their driver's licenses.

It's more than just the symbolism that they find troubling.

"His policies, time and time again, put officers back on their heels", Yates said.

"We're not even close to being there yet, where we want to be", he said. This movement - for the most part - has organized peaceful protests around the country in response to police brutality.

Economics junior Cameron Maxwell, treasurer for Black Student Alliance and external relations for African American Affairs, interns about one block from where the attack occurred.

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