Obama to visit Dallas next week as city mourns police

President Barack Obama will shorten his planned trip to Spain by a day and travel to Dallas, where a shooting attack left five of the city's police officers dead and seven others wounded.

Obama is now in Warsaw, Poland, for a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit. A visibly frustrated Obama urged Americans to push for local law enforcement reforms and said all Americans, regardless of race, should care about the treatment of blacks and Hispanics by police.

"It will be hard to iron out the aftermaths (of the Warsaw summit) at the forthcoming sedssion of the Russia-NATO Council but I think the Russia side will at least make known its concerns over the decisions that have been taken at the summit or, quite possibly, are still to be taken", Ozerov said.

"He didn't get a lot of sleep last night and he won't get much tonight".

The remarks were aimed in part at ensuring Obama's voice wasn't absent from the roiling public debate over police shootings - an issue he has prioritized in his second term.

Obama said earlier there was no contradiction between supporting law enforcement and making certain biases in the justice system are rooted out.

"So when people say 'Black Lives Matter, ' that doesn't mean blue lives don't matter", he said, referring to police.

But the president also expressed his gratitude to police officers. He reiterated that message Friday morning.

"We'll have more details about next week's activities as soon as they are available". "Today our focus is on the victims and their families. Police across America, which is a tight-knit family, feels this loss to their core".

Police say the gunman clearly stated his motive, but that's little comfort as the nation asks how this violence could have happened and what can be done to prevent similar acts.

The Pentagon has separately announced the deployment from next year of an armoured brigade of 4,200 troops and Obama said Friday this unit's headquarters will be in Poland.

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