Obama's Take On The Rising Separation Between Racial Justice And Policing

Thomas was flanked by leaders of two factions of the black lives matter movement - one of whom said he expects the movement to redirect its energy into voting and lobbying at the state capitol. "All lives matter, not just black lives matter, but blue lives matter".

As your child, I am proud and eternally grateful that you made the long, hard journey to this country, that you've lived decades in a place that has not always been kind to you.

In addition to being police officers, the five men who were murdered in Dallas were a part of the communities represented that day. Black Lives Matter organizers formally condemned the actions of the shooter.

Numerous opposers were defiant, as one black man told the crowd: "Just because y'all white and y'all got your own opinions, doesn't mean I don't love y'all". He claimed that the bequest of racial discrimination in the country has brought about hazardous suspicion between the police and minority communities such as the African-Americans.

Elizabeth tweeted: "At least one White Lives Matter is carrying a gun". More than anything else, the reason black Americans say racism persists is this: the cops.

"We don't want to be brutalized and shot and handled".

The killing of two African American men in Minnesota and Louisiana in early July created an uproar across the USA and around the world. The letter offers a stark reality: Over 500 people have been killed by police in 2016, a quarter of those killed were Black, and the majority of the police officers will never be prosecuted.

I reached out to someone I have known for a while, someone I knew I could trust and someone I knew would tell it like it is, and this someone happens to be an African-American law enforcement officer.

Protesters of different ages and races walked down Congress Street during the Black Lives Matter march, which was organized last week in response to the shooting deaths of black men by police officers in Minnesota and Louisiana.

"An ideal outcome for me right now would be for people to really question themselves and understand that they really have an impact on what's happening", said Tamir. "We want to be able to take a person's passions to show that yes, all lives matter, but at this point in time we want to show that black lives matter too".

The tradition of using mosque services to spark mass protests is one that many regimes had used themselves - though the targets of state-instigated "rage" had traditionally been the U.S., Israel, and rival Arab regimes, not governments themselves.

Roughly a dozen stores and restaurants inside the mall closed their doors in preparation of the protests.

"We have a duty to fight for our freedom, we have a duty to win". Those are the facts, and anyone who is honest and has seen the hundreds of videos of police brutality against Blacks - knows this to be true. "And so I hope to work with any group that is consistent with that". In Minneapolis, Philando Castile, 32 was shot during a traffic stop.

Two groups on opposite sides of an issue are coming together to unite for peace in the wake of the police ambush.

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