Opposition Forces Prepare Last-Ditch Effort To Thwart Donald Trump

Rachel Hoff, a Republican delegate from DC, who identifies herself as the first openly gay member of the RNC's Platform Committee, gave an impassioned speech to the gathered delegates Tuesday, asking for the GOP to welcome in its LGBT members and move toward a more inclusive party platform.

Brock said on a call with reporters that he has "documentation that the funds are being held in a bank account for this objective". But, one area that has some gay Republicans up in arms is on topics addressing members of the LGBTQ community. So she's pushing the Rules Committee to adopt language that would clearly allow delegates to vote for any nominee they like, if they say a Trump vote would violate their conscience. But in two days of deliberations this week, platform committee members rejected all attempts to sound a more moderate tone on the matter.

"It threatens our party because we're a party of principle, we're a party of freedom, liberty and equality and... we're not in line with our own conservative principles", Hoff told CNN.

"It was including any specific groups", Rutledge says.

On Wednesday, Priebus signaled that it's time for the insurrectionists to rally behind Trump or be faced with a November victory by Hillary Clinton, the Democrats' presumptive nominee. "I have many friends, close friends who are LGBT and that we must reach out to. But were also alienating young voters".

Donald Trump has a message to African Americans - I understand you because "even against me, the system is rigged".

Instead of moderation, the Republican platform explicitly opposes same-sex marriage, calls for transgender Americans to use public restrooms that correspond with only their sex at birth and supports businesses that refuse to offer services to LGBT Americans based on religious principles.

Representing District 6, which includes Flagler, Putnam and St. Johns counties, and most of Volusia County, will be Tony Ledbetter, chairman, and Alan Burton, committeeman, for the Volusia County Republican Party; and William Korach, chairman of the St. Johns County Republican Executive Committee. "Trump's tax returns would provide hard information on how successful his businesses really are, how much income he earns and from what sources, how he's managed his tax burden and to what extent he's been a philanthropist".

Committee members endorsed language applying "special scrutiny" of those wishing to enter the USA from "regions associated with Islamic terrorism".

"I plan to go to Cleveland and be a serious delegate - I'll be looking for Trump to convince me that he deserves my support", Bharara said.

Allowed to draft the platform with little input from the Republican nominee, delegates crafted a document that is highly conservative on social issues.

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