'Outlander': Brianna & Roger Finally Meet In Season 2 Finale

"No matter what", demands Brianna midway through the season 2 Outlander finale. It's not cold-blooded. We didn't want screaming, you know what I mean?

The physical and psychological turmoil of the hours before the Battle of Culloden in 1745 is mirrored in 1968 at the late Reverend Wakefield's house. And, as Claire notes, he's got a "lovely physique".

Leave it to Jamie to remain practical in such an intense situation. This is what she decides to do 20 years after returning to the future. But as Claire tells the Fraser grave at Culloden Moor in the 1960s, he was right. Daughters trust their mothers are good.

Brianna is the daughter of Claire and Jamie Fraser. Claire also asks for a genealogical search on Roger MacKenzie.

Who was the only person to go looking for Jamie with Claire when British soldiers captured him at the end of Season 1? The story jumped back and forth between 1968 and 1746 like a billiards ball bouncing back and forth across a pool table. His research shows Jamie escaped the Battle of Culloden. Didn't Murtaugh suggest that months ago? Similarly, that shift to the present worked as a storytelling device, and Outlander shifted its storyline up two decades with remarkable ease. Maybe it is the fact that he is on two shows that should have made us seen Dougal's death coming. "They sail that ship around the Caribbean, then there's a hurricane and shipwreck", Moore added. Jamie and Claire were forced to part to save their unborn baby.

It's a bad time for Rupert to walk in. He had a deed transfer drafted for Lallybroch-dated before Jamie was branded a traitor, so the legality wasn't an issue-and tasked Fergus with delivering it to his sister Jenny. They did it with impassioned looks, gripped hands, and some tears. Murtagh did the dirty work when she was about to leave a British soldier alive after the solider told them where to find Jamie.

When Claire finds Jamie, he is working alongside his nephew, Young Ian, who plays a pivotal role in Voyager and joins (or spurs) their adventures on land and at sea. He and Murtaugh have a attractive bromance moment and if Murtaugh doesn't survive this all, Starz will be hearing from our therapists.

I love Frank too and obviously Ron does and we're such fans of Tobias, but I know the fans are sometimes more Team Jamie. Even when they said, "We've done all we can, let's go home and heal", they're sucked back into it when the letter arrives that has Jamie's signature. Tell him I trust him.

Dugal (Graham McTavish) wants to kill Claire claiming she's bewitched Jamie.

Also, you could perhaps argue that Dougal's end was inevitable. Also, he'd probably have to stop wearing kilts - what's the fun in that?

Of the two, Culloden got short-changed. Even for book fans, you want to give them what they want, but in a different way sometimes. And no, we're not crying.

Claire's determined to warn Geillis not to draw attention to herself in the 18th century, so she convinces a very reluctant Brianna and a super-pumped Roger to accompany her to Craigh na Dun.

Meanwhile, Bri and her new bestie, Roger, head off to the university. Who do they discover there, banging on about Scottish independence and the greatness of bonnie Prince Charlie? "So there were little subtle hints along the way that maybe it wasn't the last we'd seen for Geillis Duncan". Roger offers up his father's journals. It seems that Frank distanced himself from his ancestor, Jack Randall, after learning of his misdeeds.

TG: This year we really didn't!

For the sake of less timey wimey wibbly wobbly-ness, I'm going to recap the episode by time period.

Deadly Trust (Lifetime, 8 p.m., Saturday): In contrast, this Lifetime movie is about a con woman trying to drive a rich old lady insane so her kids can inherit her money, and has a title that could sub in for literally any other Lifetime movie ever made. She burned her dead husband as a sacrifice, and went through. The music crescendos as they are together for the last time.

TG: It was Matt's idea to have Jamie dance her back towards the stones. He then guided her to the stone in the middle of the circle and gently forced her to return to her own time. But I don't know, with this whole Brexit thing ... The truth suddenly dawns on Bri, while Roger is sent to alert the police.

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