Owen Smith joins race to replace Jeremy Corbyn

After the NEC decision, the Opposition leader said: "I'm sure Labour MPs will understand that the party has to come together in order to present to the British people the options of a different and better way of doing things".

This is a massive victory for Corbyn and his wing of the party, says The Spectator: "He is now favourite to win this leadership election and if he does, the 172 Labour MPs who voted no confidence in him will either have to shut up or split off and form their own party". Liu insisted, "Do not turn the South China Sea into a cradle of war".

Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg does not like the idea of Donald Trump becoming president and she wants the world to know it. Grassley has said he won't hold hearings on a Supreme Court nominee until after a new president has been elected.

Her ministerial career has few highlights: being sacked from the Home Office in 2002 by Tony Blair because he forgot she was already in post and laughing in 2008 as Treasury minister at warnings of an oncoming credit crunch. SNP leaders have warned a second independence referendum could be called if Scotland is taken out of Europe against its will.

UK's new Prime Minister Theresa May ruled out a new referendum earlier this week, saying that "Brexit means Brexit".

Owen Smith's announcement that he would stand for the leadership came amid reports that the NEC has suspended all local Constituency Labour Party meetings until the end of the leadership campaign following complaints of harassment and intimidation.

Mr Smith and Ms Eagle now face a major battle to overturn grassroots support for Mr Corbyn, who secured 59.5% of the vote in the first round of last year's contest after a surge in support from registered supporters. She was joined Wednesday by Owen Smith, previously in charge of the work and pensions portfolio. She had once said, as the party's Chairman, that the Conservatives looked like the nasty party. We are at an important point in the Labour Party's history - this will determine the direction we take for quite some time.

Mr Foster, who stood as the Labour candidate in Redruth and Camborne in 2015, said: "What I am against is the apparent manipulation of the rules, which has elevated one member, in this case Jeremy Corbyn, above all other members".

But in a three-horse race there is a danger that the anti-Corbyn vote will be split between him and Eagle.

Two thirds (66%) believe Labour needs to change its leader before the 2020 general election, up from 42% in October, in a sign of growing discontent with Mr Corbyn's leadership.

Just weeks after the killing of Jo Cox and all the words about the state of politics that followed it, we are seeing a level of viciousness between Jeremy Corbyn's supporters and opponents not seen since Neil Kinnock took on the Militant tendency in the 1980s.

"The party has basically got to the place where there are basically two very different perspectives on what the party should be, and it's pretty hard to see how we can bring about a compromise", said Harrop of the Fabian Society. "It's about the millions of people who need a Labour government".

The no-confidence vote showed that Labour lawmakers are trying to save the party from "corrosion and collapse", Kinnock wrote in the New Statesman, a left-of-center magazine. Yesterday it briefly seemed like it would be otherwise: with votes for a secret ballot and for Corbyn himself to leave the room during discussions, many speculated that the meeting was against him.

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