Owen Smith to stand in Labour leadership election

Mr. Corbyn has so few supportive MPs in Parliament he can not even form a shadow cabinet, and has been unable to secure the backing of the 51 MPs needed to get on the ballot paper in a new leadership contest.

"All other leadership candidates will require nominations from 20 per cent of the PLP and EPLP".

He said it would be "alien to the concept of natural justice" if the Labour leader was not "automatically on the ballot paper".

"That will strengthen our party in order to defeat this Tory government and bring in a government that cares for the people", he said.

Branch secretary Ros Jackson, who is also a Town and District councillor, told the Leader: "Jeremy Corbyn's vision resonates with a lot of people because he never stops thinking about ordinary people and what people in this country are enduring".

Former Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Owen Smith has chose to run to become Labour leader, it has emerged. Eagle said: "I am glad the NEC has come to a decision. I welcome the contest ahead and I am determined to win it".

"And I wouldn't do this if I didn't think I couldn't be a good prime minister for Britain".

His interior minister, Theresa May, will succeed him in Downing Street on Wednesday after her last remaining challenger for the Conservative leadership pulled out.

The civil war within Labour comes at an inconvenient time, with the party's election co-ordinator calling for a snap general election. "We have got to have gentler politics in reality".

Corbyn's victory previous year was attributed to a surge of new party members who signed up for £3 (US$4) to vote in the leadership race.

Meanwhile, a YouGov poll for the Election Data website suggested that of 1,221 trade union members surveyed, 63% thought Mr Corbyn was doing badly as leader, compared with 33% who thought he was doing well.

A window at Angela Eagle's constituency office was smashed with a brick a few hours after the MP for Wallasey announced her challenge to Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of the Labour party.

Jeremy Corbyn, the beleaguered leader of the U.K.'s opposition Labour Party, said he has received death threats over the past week as he battles to stay in his role.

"It is an absolutely disgraceful situation that you can not take part in a democracy without having this kind of threats, the violence of it, the vile nature of the abuse that is being given to Angela Eagle and to the other members of her staff and to those who support her is completely unacceptable in any day and age", she said.

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