Pakistani Social Media Celeb Is Dead After An Apparent 'Honor Killing'

Qandeel, real name Fauzia Azeem, was killed her in her family home following an argument with her brother.

"The brother was also there last night and the family told us that he strangled her to death", a police official Azhar Akram told media.

A man looks at online images of Qandeel Baloch, who became famous in Pakistan through tireless self-promotion and suggestive selfies posted on social media, before being slain by her own brother.

Reuters was not immediately able to reach the family for comment.

A couple of days ago, local media reported that Qandeel Baloch had married at 17 and left her husband about a year later.

Every year, hundreds of women are murdered in Pakistan in so-called honour killing cases.

The celebrity divided opinion in Pakistan, a largely conservative nation, as she appeared on television to speak about female empowerment, often dressed in non-traditional, revealing, clothes.

She had reportedly spoken of leaving the country after Eid out of fear for her safety.

"I am trying to change the typical orthodox mindset of people who don't wanna come out of their shells of false beliefs and old practices."

But while they coyly tiptoe around questions of their sexuality, their motivations and their attachments - Qandeel set herself apart by being unabashed about her desire to be a screen siren, somebody who provokes. Baloch was known for her provocative pictures and videos, in which she spoke openly about sexuality.

Qandeel Baloch first rose to fame in 2014 and is often called "Pakistan's Kim Kardashian".

While it's pretty certain that the world won't be falling over themselves to hand out Nobel Peace Prizes to her or making her a champion advocate of "girl power", Qandeel Baloch, in life and death, represents the same struggle that Malala was a part of. In a Facebook post on July 14, she wrote "I believe I am a modern day feminist". She managed to complete her matriculation and begin university studies, at the same time developing her social media career, hoping to provide support and hope for other young women stifled by the patriarchal society.

In May, Baloch offered to strip if the wildly-popular Pakistani cricket team beat arch-rival India.

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