Patriots' Brady loses Deflategate appeal, suspension stands

As it stands right now, Brady will be suspended for the first four games of the upcoming season.

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First, it would be hard to separate legal capitulation from an admission of a role in deflating footballs.

Suspicions that the Patriots were cheating arose again on January 18, 2015 when the league tested - somewhat unscientifically it would belatedly learn - the footballs provided by the home team for the AFC title game against the Indianapolis Colts and found them to be underinflated.

Brady had said that it was his practice to destroy his phone and SIM cards whenever he got a replacement phone.

Over a year and a half later, Brady and the Patriots are still being scolded for "cheating" and National Football League commissioner Rodger Goodell has continued to push punishment against Brady, which has continued to drag Brady's name through the mud for nearly two years.

Brady was supposed to serve the said four game suspension past year, but he got the Judge to overturn it.

If that falls apart - if Brady gets a stay and the rest of the court thumbs their noses at the case - then the all-time great is out of options and Goodell's punishment is reinstated.

The NFL penalized Brady, twice the league's most valuable player, after a lawyer it hired to investigate the incident said the quarterback was "generally aware" two Patriots employees had conspired to deflate the balls, which could make them easier to grip. A day later, almost two dozen engineering and physics professors file a friend of the court brief in support of Brady, arguing that the NFL's scientific conclusions were flawed.

The players association and Brady had requested that the three-judge panel reconsider the case or that all the 2nd Circuit judges hear arguments and decide anew. We have a broken system that must be fixed.

The union and Brady have 90 days to file a petition for certiorari (the technical legal term for asking to take the case to the Supreme Court). "I think the odds are more than 50-50 that they reimpose the suspension ... but what they really want here is precedent".

Ultimately, Drew said, "It's time to put this thing to bed. If it was my kid, I'd say: 'Let it go.'" Drew and nearly every other major city in the United States with a football team seem to think the same. A day later at a "Free Tom Brady" rally outside of Gillette Stadium, a pair of local newlyweds say they are postponing their honeymoon until Brady is cleared.

It's 4th and long for the Patriots quarterback. However, the issue at hand is about preserving the legacy and prestige of his career. If Brady is going to be branded a cheater, he's going to go down swinging.

The regular season is just nine weeks away for the New England Patriots, according to USA Today.

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