Paul Feig Hints That Kate McKinnon's 'Ghostbusters' Character Is A Lesbian

Paul Feig Hints That Kate McKinnon's 'Ghostbusters' Character Is A Lesbian

Paul Feig Hints That Kate McKinnon's 'Ghostbusters' Character Is A Lesbian

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony Pictures are likely to have removed the word "ghost" from the movie's Chinese title in order to avoid a potential censorship issue. The first trailer for the film ignited a firestorm of online trolling and ugly sexist criticism, mostly about bringing women into an all-boy's club. And you can bet your proton pack on that.

Ghostbusters has been a big box office success and has received solid reviews, despite major backlash over the decision to reboot the classic with a female cast. The idea of the original Ghostbusters being sacred material may seem silly to some, but there is no denying the cultural impact of the film that is still felt today.

But the Oscar nominated comedienne is taking it all in her perky stride.

"That's another wonderful group of women who I'd love to work with again". "It's not the majority..." "His usual sounds are like (soft meow), but when I put him in the bath it was like "UHHHHHHH" and 'AAAAHHH'". "That's kind of why I wanted to do a reboot because that's nearly the more respectful way to do it", says the director. "It's just a tiny, insane sector that is very loud". Years later, a ton of new rumors started spreading like wildfire stating that a third chapter would be coming to theatres, with original director Ivan Reitman returning and the entire cast. Production designer Jefferson Sage, who has teamed with Feig on Bridesmaids, Spy, and The Heat, faced the monumental task of visualizing and realizing not only the something unusual but also the neighborhood. "And that really is the case. I've never met a Ghostbusters fan who wasn't a fantastic, wonderful warm person". Eventually, the foursome uncovers a vague plot concerning a nerdy guy (Nathan Corddry) who wants to rule the ghost world or something. "That's the only people I've met".

"Some people might think there's too many nods to the old film", says Dippold, "but we just kind of thought about the superfans". Just like the original, the story has three scientists and one civilian who do humorous battle with ghosts in NY.

One person both Feig and McCarthy quite possibly don't care very much about? Even US presidential candidate Donald Trump weighed in on the controversy. "I moved to New York City to finish college at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology, ) did standup my second night there, then said, 'I'm going to go a different direction.' I changed everything".

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