Paul Ryan Asks Director of National Intelligence to Deny Clinton Classified Information

"It's not true, but I've heard it a lot".

Republican Rep. John Mica of Florida said the timing of Comey's announcement was suspicious and compared the decisions "choreography" to the Broadway musical, "Hamilton".

"I think that DNI Clapper should deny Hillary Clinton access to classified information during this campaign, given how she so recklessly handled classified information", said Clinton.

Chaffetz said lawmakers would now ask the FBI to investigate whether Clinton lied to the committee.

"The FBI's recommendation is surprising and confusing". But Mr. Comey insisted that it would be almost impossible to prosecute Mrs. Clinton for giving her lawyers access to the emails for the goal of evaluating them.

On Thursday, Comey said the legal decision came down to a simple lack of a criminal intent.

According to a search and seizure warrant issued in the case, Petraeus told Broadwell in an email that some of the material was in "boxes and I'll get them out when we unpack at the house in late July/Aug".

While Comey did not recommend criminal prosecution, he noted that people in similar circumstances shown to be careless or to mishandle classified information "are often subject to security or administrative sanctions". So that would appear to say, well, maybe in that circumstance you don't need to prove they were doing something unlawful, maybe it's enough to prove they were really, really careless beyond a reasonable doubt.

Prosecutors said that while his biographer, Paula Broadwell, was writing her book in 2011, Petraeus gave her eight binders of classified material he had improperly kept from his time as the top military commander in Afghanistan.

Himself a Republican, Mr Comey served as Deputy US Attorney General under President George W Bush, and earned a reputation for integrity after a 2004 showdown with the White House, when he refused to reauthorise the warrantless wiretapping of US citizens.

House Republicans were already in action Thursday, grilling FBI Director James Comey for hours about his agency's handling of the case. She shouldn't have done it, she said that. "She's already admitted that she made a mistake", Cummings said before criticizing Republicans for their criticism of Comey's recommendation to not indict Clinton.

Rep. Trey Gowdy asked Comey whether Clinton's statement was correct.

LISA DESJARDINS: While Republicans argued that the lack of charges was political, committee Democrats contended the politics were all in the hearing itself. But he suggested that Comey had contributed to that by leaving "a perceived gap" between his public criticism of Clinton and his conclusion not to prosecute.

"I beg you to fill the gap".

However, Comey said today that the FBI's investigation found that out of 30,000 messages provided by Clinton to the State Department, 110 in 52 email chains contained information that was classified at the time.

The FBI and Justice Department later recommended felony charges against him for sharing classified information with Broadwell.

Buck got Comey to admit that environmental crimes would be one of the crimes that simply require proof of negligence.

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