PM Modi arrives in Pretoria to strengthen ties with SA

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi waves from a train carriage at Pentrich Railway station in Pietermaritzburg South Africa Saturday

PM Modi arrives in Pretoria to strengthen ties with SA

"The visit will also serve to further strengthen the excellent people-to-people contact that exists between the two countries".

"And, in the process, also help both our nations to play a more robust regional and global role", he added. In the last 10 years, bilateral trade has grown nearly 380 per cent. "The scope is tremendous", Modi said in his address at the India-South Africa Business Summit.

The two countries have enjoyed full diplomatic relations since 1993. Both should also focus on improving human capital. Both leaders acknowledged the launch of International Solar Alliance (ISA) as a common platform for cooperation among solar resource rich countries.

There are also fears that terrorists will travel via India to South Africa if visa requirements were dropped. "We are being seen as engine of global growth, " said the Prime Minister. In India, this is one of the sectors witnessing a complete transformation.

Modi is aiming to increase economic engagement with the African continent and BRICS member South Africa has positioned itself as a gateway to the continent.

"Terrorism is a shared threat; the South African President and I agreed that we must be vigilant and cooperate to combat terrorism, regionally and globally", Modi said after talks with Zuma.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation served as the post-presidential office of Mandela and was established in 1999 after he stepped down as President of South Africa.

"Our two countries also share the honour of having produced two liberation icons, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi", Zuma said.

South Africa imports the highest volume of its medicines from India - including life-saving antiretrovirals for HIV, and treatments for a wide range of other diseases.

According to him, water management, pharmaceuticals and infrastructure development are areas that hold potential in the future.

Modi said while India was in the lead in opposing apartheid and had boycotted South Africa during those days, it was the first to embrace the country after apartheid was over.

South Africa's President Jacob Zuma gestures next to India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi (L) during his state visit at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, South Africa July 8, 2016.

Addressing a huge crowd of mainly South African and expat Indians at the TicketPro Dome in Johannesburg last night, Modi said South Africa and India can achieve much more together. India and South Africa are strategic partners.

Exports to India are significantly increasing while imports are declining to bridge the bilateral deficit vis-à-vis India, thanks to efforts to promote the local manufacturing sector and increased motivation by Tanzanians to use local products.

Waterhouse said that South Africa was now reforming its own patent laws to better balance private commercial interests with public health priorities, with India's progressive laws being seen as the model in this regard.

SAAB Grintek Defence and Tata Power signed an agreement for production of land electronic defence systems in India. It would also infuriate India's rival Pakistan, an ally of China's, which has responded to India's membership bid with one of its own.

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