Pokémon GO becomes the biggest mobile game in United States history

Pokémon Go Being Played on iPhone

Pokémon Go Being Played on iPhone

Since its launch, some Pokemon GO players have been touting the popularity of the new augmented reality game, but now it looks like they might have some data to back up that claim now.

One week after it launched in the United States, Pokémon Go is now the biggest mobile game in the country's history, in statistics focusing on the amount of daily active users (DAU) the app draws.

The success of Pokemon GO continues to astound us on an nearly daily basis now.

SurveyMonkey reports that this means that Pokemon GO is now more successful than Slither.io and Clash Royale, and that it has now surpassed the peak that Candy Crush Saga previously achieved, too. The record-breaking statistics make the new app "the biggest mobile game in USA history".

It's the biggest viral game to hit smart phone users since Candy Crush.

According to analysis site SurveyMonkey, Pokémon Go had just under 21m daily active users as of yesterday. At its current rate of growth, Pokemon GO should soon surpass Snapchat and Google Maps in the coming few days.

People even spend more time on Pokémon GO than both Facebook and Snapchat. And there's no shortage of stories from the many users who continue to play the game of finding themselves in unique situations as they hunt down the virtual Pokemon.

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