Pokémon Go comes to Europe, beginning with Germany

The Pokemon Go is available on Google Playstore and Apple's App Store in the US, Japan and Australia, Philippines, New Zealand and is coming soon in India, Singapore, Germany, Taiwan, Indonesia and Britain.

"We, as consumers, give away far too much access to our information", warned Levin.

The game also forces players to walk between one and five miles to hatch new monsters out of eggs, a collectable item that they can find, and tracks their steps for in-game awards.

The game uses a phone's Global Positioning System and camera to turn the real world into a huge scavenger hunt. "And of course, there's the risk of injury or death from not paying attention to your surroundings as you play the game", the report added.

They are raised and commanded by their trainers (avatars) and during their adventures, grow and become more experienced and evolve into stronger Pokemon. Pokemon Go has taken over Tinder in terms of the number of downloads. The way Pokemon GO works is that it uses Google maps to integrate Pokemon into the real world.

"We recognize and commend Niantic for quickly responding to these specific concerns, and ask for continued assurance that a fix will be implemented swiftly", said Franken's letter.

This augmented reality part makes the Pokemon Go different from other games as it requires players to go out and look for the virtual Pokemon beasts in real world before they can catch them. People who never would have met or spoken are now out of their homes, walking around town, getting exercise, striking up conversations with strangers and building friendships on the fly.

"Yes, criminals are taking advantage of the app's popularity and Android's laxer security standards - at least compared to the iOS App Store - to spread infected fake "backdoored" versions of the app. But that's true of many popular Android apps", said F-Secure, suggesting that one should always stick to the official app stores and check reviews before downloading.

The Pokemon TV series is one of the longest running anime ever, especially of the ones that are still broadcast in the U.S. as well. If your team owns a gym, you can take your Pokemon there to train.

Los Angeles Times: "Pokemon Go" shows augmented reality's edge over full-on virtual reality - "Virtual reality is often lauded as the future of gaming".

Steven Kong plays Pokemon Go in front of San Francisco City Hall.

The "Pokemon Go" craze sweeping the globe can pose some serious health risks - and not just to the digital creatures that are the game's intended targets. To little surprise, the Gym Leader Flannery utilizes Fire type Pokemon to battle. When a Pokemon appears on a screen in a unsafe location, users don't have to rush to capture it, he said. It may be that the folks at Niantic are smarter or more innovative than King, but I wouldn't bet my money on it.

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