'Pokémon Go' comes to Spain, Italy and Portugal

This is because "Pokemon Go" was mainly developed by USA -based Niantic Inc., a Google spinoff, and The Pokemon Company. Pokemon Go averages 33 minutes.

"This is about the Nintendo universe", said Tokuriki, who was looking forward to playing "Pokemon Go" with his fourth-grade and pre-school children. From Twitter trolls to Whats App messages, the game has taken over all conversations across the globe. In contrast, AR technology augments the user's perception of the real world with virtual annotations through suitable interface devices. Yes, the group that created Google Maps and Google Street View.

Pokemon Go is all about catching Pokemon.

Nintendo had been struggling in recent years as people shifted to playing games on smartphones rather than home or hand-held consoles, and the Kyoto-based game innovator was reluctant to enter the field. The use of the camera gives the impression that the characters are interacting with you in real life.

"It taps into the fact that we have our mobile devices on us 24/7, we're checking them dozens of times a day, and it allows us to use them in new and novel ways", said Scott Steinberg, trends expert and futurist for TechSavvy.

The initial release of the Pokemon Go was made in three countries Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. on July 6, 2016, after it launched in Australia on July 8, 2016.All the users checked for Pokemon Go Installation process.

This data comes to us via SurveyMonkey, which late yesterday released a new analytics report clocking United States daily active users at 21 million.

Analysts aren't sure how much "Pokemon Go" will boost Nintendo's profit margin, but they do say the game needs to earn well to have a major impact. Niantic is now working on the mapping issues.

Some of the most popular games succeed, Williams said, because of they way they encourage gamers to foster relationships with one another.

Not everyone likes the idea of a knockoff - especially those who grew up watching the original Japanese Pokemon cartoons and playing the original Nintendo Pokemon games in the 1990s.

Because the game requires users to move and explore their surroundings to catch and train Pokemon, the first few offers to appear are "phone walking service" - where someone will walk around with your smartphone to help catch Pokemon.

Enterprising individuals and at least one church have also seen the opportunities the game offers.

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