Pokémon Go is officially out in the United Kingdom now

Pokémon Go is officially out in the United Kingdom now

Pokémon Go is officially out in the United Kingdom now

Pokemon Go is proving popular in NY. The developers are busy updating the game on Android and iOS and we can confirm that a new Pokemon Go 1.0.1 update on iOS is now available to download. Yes it's as simple as that!

"To play the game, users need to log into it through their Google account". The app only accesses a player's User ID and email address, the company said.

The journey to find PokemonGo figures might lead you to private places such as private properties or someone's garden, or even inside a vehicle because there may be Pokemon characters inside.

You still have to run around to catch the monsters, and it's even been getting good reviews on the store.

A statement from the Pokemon Go app Twitter account read: "UK Trainers, the wait is over".

Pokéfans of the United Kingdom rejoice, this past week has felt like an eternity, but smash hit and cultural phenomenon Pokémon GO has finally formally launched in the UK.

Although Hanke didn't say whether any such sponsorship deals had been made yet, several adept techies have discovered evidence in Pokemon Go's code that McDonald's has forged such a partnership.

Nintendo shares had already started the week with a 25 per cent jump on Monday alone.

The augmented reality game that has been sweeping the world can now legitimately be downloaded on IOS and Android devices in the UK. It is new and exciting and as one commentator pointed out it realises a vision Pokemon fans have had since the series came out: what if Pokemon were real and inhabited our world? Once a player has enough Pokemon of a high enough level they can challenge the gym and ultimately become the gym leader. The players then train these creatures and battle with other players.

The version available is the name out in other markets such as Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and the US, version 1.02 on iOS and version 0.29.2 on Android.

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