Pokémon Go Will Allow Players to Trade Pokémon

These problems initially recorded were involving Trainers' authentication, signing in, game crashes, battery life concerns, and GPS-related issues. A number of Android and iOS users are reporting problems about the game not working. "This is one of my childhood dreams, so I did the workaround and got it".

Nintendo was late to mobile gaming, but the success of the free-to-play game (which has in-app purchases) has cheered investors. Other Pokemon titles Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire ranked third with 11.8 million units, according to data on Nintendo's website.

While using the phone's camera to create an augmented reality feeling is interesting, it isn't quite the same as having an augmented reality headset, covering your entire vision in the augmented world.

That means that to find Pokemon, you actually have to leave your home.

Pokémon Go is now available in the United States for iOS and Android and it has jumped to the top of the App Store and Google Play Store in just a matter of days. Or, in one case, finding a dead body.

Meanwhile four teenagers have been accused of using the game to lure victims to certain locations to rob them. While it is a good thing for Niantic Labs that their game is already on the first spot, it definitely bad for its servers. Nintendo, together with its affiliate Pokemon Co. and Google, previous year invested in Niantic. Now a game is set at becoming used more than Twitter.

It's no surprise that Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm even though it is only available officially in three countries.

Finally, proceed with the installing Pokemon GO.

But it has some concerned about safety where people are staring at their phones instead of where they are going.

Muggings at popular pokestops have also been reported, but despite rumours of this practice reaching Auckland over the weekend, NZ Police said they had no record of any such incident on Monday morning. In Missouri, US, organised criminals have been taking advantage of those playing the game. However, now, on Saturday, many of our readers told us that they are continuing to experience intermittent outages.

Real-world Global Positioning System locations are now in-game Pokemon gyms, where gamers must travel to to battle the Pokemon they've captured and trained.

According to Pokemon Go News, some gamers have informed them that they been successful in logging onto the "Pokemon Go" servers, however, "it's still down for the majority of people".

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