Pokémon Go's first update addresses stability and security risks

Pokémon Go's first update addresses stability and security risks

Pokémon Go's first update addresses stability and security risks

Franken requested responses to inquiries about collecting users' personal information and Pokemon Go's requests to access mobile capabilities in users' phones. Gamers use their mobile devices to find and capture virtual Pokemon characters such as cuddly yellow Pikachu at various real-life locations. "So I had no idea what the person was yelling at me". In the blink of an eye, player after player started downloading and playing the game.

"The robbery stuff is hyped nonsense, allegedly happens once, and the press can't resist telling the story", F-Secure's security advisor Sean Sullivan said, adding that the stories are mostly overblown.

Diller says it's still important for park patrons to stay alert as parks are not aren not well-lit after sundown.

The WSJ also reports that Nintendo, which owns a large slice of The Pokemon Company, has soared in value thanks to the success of Pokemon Go.

Global Positioning System chips in player's smartphones are used to map their real-life movements onto the game world, while software overlays the 3D characters onto the view through the phone's camera.

Online security company Proofpoint reported findings of a suspicious malware in a "Pokemon GO" APK, which was modified to include the remote access tool Droidjack.

Since launch, the game has topped 7.5 million downloads and pulled in an average of $1.6 million a day in revenue, according to estimates from research firm SensorTower.

He said Niantic and Google have issued a fix in the latest update to the app, but if players still feel uncomfortable, they can still deny access by going into Google settings and revoking permissions. To be fair, this isn't a particularly new thing amongst apps; Facebook has been tracking people's locations for a long time now, and back when Foursquare/Swarm were big, people voluntarily gave up their location information on a daily basis. This will allow you to install an app without Google Play. Google has verified that no other information has been received or accessed by Pokémon GO or Niantic.

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