Pokemon GO already has a Chinese clone called City Spirit Go

With Pokemon and other in-game items only appearing at certain real-world locations, swarms of budding collectors have gathered in public places as the game's popularity has spread.

We shouldn't be surprised to learn that there's a Chinese clone of Pokemon GO out already, with City Spirit Go already riding up the Chinese free iOS App Store charts. Pokemon Go was built by Niantic and The Pokemon Company, and allows you to go out and catch 'em all in the real world. However, Pokemon Go launched in Germany today, beginning its European rollout.

Industry experts say the game, which has rocketed to the top of Apple and Android app stores in record time, could be the next big marketing tool for retailers.

"We recognize and commend Niantic for quickly responding to these specific concerns, and ask for continued assurance that a fix will be implemented swiftly", said Franken's letter.

The game has until now only been available in the United States, Australia and New Zealand - although some particularly avid Europeans fans downloaded copies in recent days by pretending to be connecting from those countries.

Data analysis company SurveyMonkey revealed on Wednesday that Pokemon Go is the most successful mobile-based app in USA history with some 21 million daily active users in 24 hours, exceeding the successes of "Draw Something" and "Candy Crush", with some 16 million and 20 million users respectively. Hopefully the company can figure out the server issues before it rolls out to more countries.

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