Pokemon Go craze sweeps nation, poised to surpass Twitter

For those who don't know what Pokemon GO is, it's a reality game that lets you catch virtual Pokemon in the real world. The game, which merges the real and the digital worlds, is about getting players to explore their neighborhoods to find creatures and treasure for in-game use.

Days after its release, Pokemon Go has become a fast-moving phenomenon, drawing flash mob-type crowds searching neighborhoods, parks and urban streets for imaginary characters on their smartphones.

The average iOS user who plays "Pokemon Go" spent a little more than 33 minutes on the app on Monday, according to research from Sensor Tower published Tuesday. However, it does not come with a squeaky clean reputation as it has been reported by the Daily Mail that the app is used by criminals to lure people into secluded locations and has even been the cause of numerous injury-inducing accidents.

However, some users and experts have commented that the battle sequences of this game is still very experimental because when one catches a Pokemon, there's no battle involved even if a user has a Pokemon which can weaken the wild one like in the games. Others have been injured chasing the imaginary characterswithout paying attention to their real-life surroundings.

The game instructs the user, referred to as a Pokemon trainer, to track down and capture the Pokemon characters in public places.

"I've already seen a number of people - both kids and adults - so engrossed while staring at their phones and following a map that they've walked right into the street and into objects", Gripp said.

Washington state's Department of Transportation warned against "Pokemoning" while driving.

With 150 Pokemon to collect - plus the chance to rumble with opposing players - "Go" stands to energize the "Pokemon" franchise, which includes playing cards and cartoon shows.

The 19-year-old from Wyoming, US, told KTVQ the body was floating in a river near to her home on Friday morning.

She also admitted she probably never would have gone to that place if it weren't for the game.

Baby, Pokemon first! I'll gladly take the couch in the living room tonight!

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