Pokemon GO gaming craze prompts BBB warning

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Pokemon GO gaming craze prompts BBB warning

To understand what Alex is talking about - a Staryu evolving to a Starmie - you need to understand a bit about Pokemon GO, and how it works and what everyone is doing.

The storied history is part of the reason game developer Niantic Inc. spun out of Google Inc. and partnered with Nintendo to begin making "Pokemon Go" past year.

Earlier this week, we learned that the insanely popular mobile gaming app Pokémon Go requested full access to users' Google accounts when activated on iOS.

His primary concern is that, while Pokemon Go allows users to opt out of sharing their precise location and other data, the game doesn't make this clear.

Since July 5, the game has been available only in the United States, Australia and New Zealand, even if some Europeans fans succeeded in downloading copies by pretending to be connecting from those countries.

"Generally speaking, we want to raise awareness among game developers regarding respect for the memory of the victims of this largest Nazi death camp from World War II".

"There are definite mental health benefits to playing games", says Dr Greg Wadley, a lecturer in computer science at University of Melbourne who specialises in technology for mental health and wellbeing. For one, data about people's movements as they search the real world for Pokemon could be sold to businesses for advertising purposes.

Reports are already emerging of Pokemon Go-related injuries.

The game has been downloaded about 7.5 million times in the US, Franken noted in a press release accompanying the letter.

"Please only install software through the Play Store or App Store".

Safety: Players should use the same safety precautions while playing the game that they would in any other outdoor setting, including caution in unusual locations.

That is more users than Twitter Inc, and the game is already helping local restaurants, coffee shops and small retailers to attract new customers. Crain suggests users only download the app from the official app stores in order to avoid getting viruses. About 24 hours after it first came out that the app and its parent company, Niantic, could access iOS users' Google accounts, those responsible just released an update meant to reassure all Pokemon Trainers out there. Anecdotally, it's the only mobile game I can ever remember taking such a hold of my friends, whom you wouldn't consider to be "gamers".

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